How To Make An Organic Laundry Detergent?

How To Make An Organic Laundry Detergent? – Laundry detergent washing powder as it is known in simple terms is a type of cleaning agent that is used for cleaning your laundry. Laundry is undoubtedly one of the ongoing chores of every household as washing of sheets and clothes become necessary due to dirt, sweat, and shed skin cells, contact with food and various other types of particles every day. There are various ingredients that are used in making a laundry detergent among which surfactants are the crucial ones that keep your clothes clean.

Since the commercial laundry detergents contain various chemicals that are harmful for the humans as well as environment, people have started using organic laundry detergent.

Know more about organic laundry detergents

Organic laundry detergents are those detergents that do not contain phosphates, chlorines or any other chemical that may pose risk or danger to the health of humans and to the environment. These types of detergents also do not contain any perfumes of synthetic dyes and thus prove to be safe for people with allergies or sensitive skin. Thus one can say that organic laundry detergent recipe comprises of safe and natural ingredients.


Why organic detergents?

Will you consider getting dirt free and clean clothes at the cost of your family member’s health? The answer will be obvious no and thus the use of organic detergents is increasing with the time. Besides health, the carbon cost of production and the toxicities of the chemical ingredients in the commercial detergent pose danger to the environment. Some of the major threats posed by the chemical ingredients used in these commercial detergents include toxicity to the algae and other aquatic organisms, health problems in people like skin irritation, cancer and others.

As more and more people are getting aware regarding the risks related to commercial detergents, the greener options for these are made available to present day consumers. Variety of greener and safe products like Gojo soap and others are used by health and environment conscious people.


Make your own organic laundry detergent

One can find an organic detergent at a grocery store or can even order them online. But still if you find them to be expensive or could not find one then there can be nothing best than an organic homemade laundry detergent.

Making your own homemade organic laundry detergent will not only help the environment but your wallet as well. Moreover while making these organic detergents at home you can keep a tab on the quantity and the type of ingredients that you are using and can also keep your family members protected from any type of ingredients which they are sensitive to.


How to make organic laundry detergent at home?

In order to make best organic laundry detergent at home you would need to first of all collect the following things:

– a large pot and a medium size bowl
– water
– a measuring cup
– a large spoon
– 1 bar of organic soap
– 1 cup of borax
– 1 cup of washing soda
– a bucket of 5 gallon capacity
– box grater

organic soap

Step by step instructions

1. First of all take a large pot and pour 4 cups of water in it and place the pot on the stove on high heat till the water boils.
2. Next, while the water is boiling, take the organic soap bar and grate in against the box grater. Then take a medium size bowl and place the box grater over it so as to catch the shavings of the soap.
3. Next the shavings of the soap are placed in the boiling water and then the heat is lowered so that water simmers.
4. Now taking a large spoon, stir the mixture of the soap and water so that the soap is dissolved.
5. Next 3 gallons of water is taken in a bucket and to this 1 cup of borax and 1 cup of washing soda is added.
6. Next the solution of water and soap is added to the bucket and all the ingredients are stirred together.
7. Finally the bucket is covered with a lid and the mixture is allowed to sit for around 24 hours. Now when the lid is opened the mixture would appear in a gel consistency and for per laundry load, use 1 cup of detergent after stirring.

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