How To Deal With Carpet Stains

How to deal with carpet stains – Dealing with carpet stains, by their very nature, are toough and can withstand fairly vigorous cleaning. The main point is not to let carpet get so wet that the backing becomes saturated, which could cause it to rot.Before rushing for the stain removers, bear in mind that when you stain something, you are inadvertently dyeing it. Removing the stain from a carpet might make it look worse than leaving it and living with it. If the spill is on a dark or patterned carpet, the stain can often merge into the background so that it can barely be seen, if at all.

Carpet cleaning products

Carpet cleaning products

Before using any stain remover, check that it is suitable for use on carpets. Many fabric stain removers cannot be used on carpets; others cannot be used on foam-backed carpets. It is always better to start with the gentlest detergent and then if necessary move up, rather than risk damaging the carpet.

The most useful products are:

  • white kitchen towels and white cotton cloths. Colored towels and cloths can transfer dye on to the carpet, creating more stains;
  • mild, uncolored, unparfumed detergent for washing woollens and/or mild, uncolored, unparfumed washing-up liquid;
  • soda water;
  • white vinegar;
  • a couple of proprietary carpet stain removers;
  • glycerine (for dried-in stains);
  • for homes with pets, a special pet stain remover suitable for carpets and available from pet shops.

white kitchen towels and white cotton cloths

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