How To Clean Your Wood Deck?

It can be really devastating if you invest thousands or just hundreds of dollars making an elaborate deck area only to have it affected because of water. Providing you hire a carpenter to put up the deck for you, he will likely warn you about protecting your deck with water sealant. It may be an extra cost for the job or included, depending on who you hire. If you make the deck yourself or buy a house that already had a deck installed, knowing for sure it is protected with water sealant must be seen to by you.

If you should build your own deck, hopefully you purchase the right metal items. Stainless steel and galvanized metal products oppose rust much easier.

When you have an older deck, taking out metal fixtures that are not rust repellent might be an intelligent idea, even more so if they are already rusting. When a residence has an existing deck, you may want to examine below and above it and take out and replace any rotten or water harmed wood.

Investing in a top quality water sealing product is the best idea. Using a better quality product is subject to last much longer. Water sealing, similar to painting, is a process you do not want to have to repeat very often. If your deck is pretty old, it is likely to need a complete washing before putting on the water sealing product.


You can do the cleaning with a water hose. A pressure washer works well also if you have one, but if you do not, you should be able to lease one. There are cleaning solutions available purposefully make for scrubbing a deck. Let the deck dry all the way before you apply your water sealing product. You can acquire water sealers in clear or tinted colors.

Deciding how to put on the water sealer to a deck is what ever is easiest for you. The most used methods are using a brush or roller. The newest and fastest application method to do the job this task is with an airless or air sprayer. You could purchase a smaller less costly type or you may rent one by the day. Be sure you get one that is only for putting on sealers or stains. These sprayers are terrific items if you use them the right way. The best results and positively the fastest way, but not the least expensive, is to allow a professional to do it for you.

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