How To Clean Your Plastic Decking?

How To Clean Your Plastic Decking? People are getting more concerned about keeping their environment clean and green. They are igniting their interest in saving trees and as a result, demand for plastic decking is spiking. Now that is a new trend – a clear deviation from traditional choice of wooden deck to spruce up the outhouse area in a more meaningful and elegant way.

If you are in favor of a garden makeover or want a new deck, plastic deck could be a worthy consideration. Plastic deck is made of waste materials. It is also very strong and durable, serving you for years to come.


Regular cleaning of deck is a way to keep hold of its charm for a long period of time. You need to use right tools for that purpose as it will ensure that your deck will never lose its shine and always look polished as new.

Required materials

Many homeowners make a very common mistake when it comes to plastic deck cleaning. They use bleach for cleansing purpose. You must not do that as it is more likely to downgrade your deck quality. Though in reality, bleach does not cause harm to all plastic decks, still you should conform to the general rule that warns against applying any kind of chemical to avoid possible damages.


If you are not sure whether your plastic decking is beach-immune, the best is not to use bleach. Instead you should use some other materials like soap, vinegar, ammonia, apple-cider vinegar etc for cleansing purpose.

It is must to brush your deck on a regular basis. However, you need to do it in the right way. Brushes with natural or plastic bristles are good for use though you must not go with wire brushes as they will leave scratch marks on your deck, making it look unsightly. Furthermore, scratched decks also tend to pick up dirt more easily.

Another good option is pressure water as removing debris and dirt even out of crevices will be a lot easier. But use it not frequently and never beyond 1800psi in case of 20-degree nozzle.


Tips for cleansing

With right kind of tools at hand, it is time to get started! Take a broom and be done with some quick sweeping for dirt removal. Fill a bucket with clean water and mix solution with it. Follow the instructions while using cleansing solutions. Get your plastic deck wet and push brush downwards for proper cleaning. But make sure not to press too hard as it will damage the bristles.

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