How to clean your iron?

How to clean your iron? The steam irons are very practical and functional, but also require some attention and maintenance. For example, after completing the ironing is required to be empty all the water and thus prevent the formation of limescale in it. The water used for the iron has to be distilled. Plain water can be poured only when the manufacturer guarantees its usage.

In case you are that you have noticed some dust on the iron plate, or that your cloth glide under the iron, be sure that your iron needs cleaning. The residue on the iron surface may be a build-up of dirt, dust and particles from the fiber of your clothes.

How to clean your iron? Fabric stucked to the hot metal plate is best to clean up by vigorously rubbing the hot iron plate on pre-soaked cotton cloth. Any residues that you fail to remove like this, try, after cooling the iron, remove using the paste made from water and baking soda.


Wire pads scraping with a knife or other sharp objects – just forget it. Permanently damaged iron plates could do more harm than good. If none of the above doesn’t work , protect the other parts of iron and lightly spray some oven cleaner on the cold iron plate.

How to remove limescale from the water tank? Although modern irons have a capsule in the tank that prevents the accumulation of limescale, when the problems become obvious, it is already too late. Put the protective mask on your face, and warm up, in equal parts vinegar and salt, just enough until all the salt is dissolved. Fill the ¾ of the water tank of your iron with the mixture and gently shake for several minutes. Then, pressing the button to release the steam empty the tank.


As vinegar is known as a good fighter against limescale, this method will remove it from the tank and clean the steam holes. After usage of vinegar iron will need plenty of water and some period of time, to be completely cleaned, but you will see the effect immediately, in the form of small pieces of limescale that will go out with vinegar.

To prevent this problems in the future, always adjust the iron temperature to the type of fabric, sometimes wash the bottom and use a mild detergent, use only distilled water, and discharge water from the tank after use. That will ensure the longevity of your iron, and ensure the the full performance and protection of your clothing.

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