How To Clean Wooden Furniture?

How To Clean Wooden Furniture – Each kind of wooden furniture has special care needs. To know how to clean wooden furniture you must know how the wood has been treated and what kind of wood the furniture is made of. Oiled, polished, and painted should all be cleaned differently. Different kinds of wood need different types of care. Learn about your furnishings in order to provide proper care.

Oiled wooden furniture has a warm gloss. In order to keep these looking their best clean with an appropriate furniture cream or apply furniture oil or linseed oil about every 6 months.

Never wax this kind of furniture. Waxing can damage the wood and your furniture. If your furniture has water spots rub them away with dry baking soda and seal with oil. No other treatment should be needed. Polished wood is equally easy to care for.


Any furniture that is treated with chemicals other than paint is considered polished wood. To clean polished wood simply wipe with a furniture cream of your choice, wax, and shine with a chamois cloth. If treated wood appears to have water spots remove prior to applying wax by allowing oil to soak into the affected area for about an hour. While polished furniture is easy to care for painted wooden furniture requires almost no care.

There is no need to wax painted wood. In actuality it is unnecessary to do anything except vacuum painted furnishings although you may want to gently wipe away fingerprints occasionally. Be very careful to use appropriate cleaners if you decide they are necessary, this rule applies to special types of wood commonly seen in furniture also.


Often woods such as bamboo or wicker are used in furniture. These types of wood require very little polishing or other care. Simply vacuum the wood to keep it clean. If the wood appears brittle spray with water and allow to air dry. The woo will absorb the water and unlike hard woods they will restore to natural shape rather than warping.

Because you know how to clean wooden furniture you can be sure that your pieces are kept in top condition. This will save money, by preserving your current investments you need not purchase new furniture as often. Use these simple steps to ensure a long life and beautiful appearance for your wooden pieces. This will bring you peace of mind and will be more aesthetically pleasing.

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