How To Clean The Hallway?

How To Clean The Hallway? – The first part of the house that visitors see is the hallway. In modern houses, this is often little more than a narrow corridor leading from the front door, but in older houses hallways are much more impressive, in some cases almost constituting another room.   Ideally, the hallway should have plenty of storage for coats, boots and so forth, and it must be well lit. First and foremost, though, it is the part of the house that is subject to the heaviest traffic and therefore the most wear and tear. Bear this in mind when choosing floor coverings and when redecorating.

Tiled, stone or vinyl flooring is preferable to carpet, possibly with a rug to make it more  comfortable. Walls and paintwork are bound to get a lot of buffeting, so keep decorating schemes simple. Paint is preferable to wallpaper in hallways because it can be cleaned more easily, and if it gets too grubby, can easily be given a fresh  coat. Finally, to prevent dirt being tracked into the rest of the house, always use a doormat and encourage the family to remove their shoes when  they come in from outside.


How To Clean The Hallway?

Daily: hang up coats and other outdoor clothes. Sweep or vacuum the floor as  necessary.

Weekly: Clean all paintwork and vacuum or mop the floor. lf the weather has been wet, you may have to mop or vacuum more frequently.

In terms of housework, a doormat is a hero, a first line of defence against grit, dust and dirt entering the house. Without a mat, grit is ground into the pile of carpets and scratches the surface of hard flooring. Place a doormat at the entrance to every outside door and make it as large as possible. ldeally, it should be long enough for anyone entering the house to be able to take a stride  and still have both feet on the mat. Large doormats can be difficult to manoeuvre, so place two smaller ones side by side.

cleaing rubber backing

Traditionally, mats are made from coir (coconut matting). Coir’s tough bristles can easily remove dirt from the bottom of shoes, and its loose-weave construction enables it to trap dust and grit efficiently. If you also want to have a  mat outside the door, make sure it is weatherproof (a rubber backing is best).

Doormats: Cleaning Tips

Coconut matting is extremely effective, so much so that if it is not kept clean, it  can get clogged with dust and then start recycling dirt round the house. Once a week, take mats outside, turn upside down and shake vigorously to get the dust out. Vacuum, using the strongest suction.

Tip: Roll the mat right side out, tie it and beat it. The rolling forces the fibers apart and lets the dust and grit out.  Old-fashioned household books give instructions for cleaning coir mats with salt  water. But, frankly, this comes into the “life’s too short” category. lf a mat is so dirty that it needs washing, go and buy a new one. Before replacing the mat, sweep or vacuum the floor where it has lain.


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