How to clean the dishwasher

Once a week wipe the interior seals with a damp cloth and wipe the outside as it need it. Clean the filters regularly – at least once a week (counsel of perfection: after very wash). Once a month removes the filter basket and wash in hot soapy water.

The spray arm can get clogged, especially in hard-water areas. Take it off occasionally and inspect it. If the holes are clogged, poke a toothpick or large needle into them to remove any deposits, including limescale. Afterwards, wash it in hot, soapy water.


How to descale a dishwasher

Proprietary dishwasher cleaners will remove soap scum and limescale. They normally consist of a plastic bottle of detergent, which you up-end in the cutlery basket before running the full cycle with the machine empty. They are extremely efficient and leave the machine looking and smelling fresh and clean.

A cheaper alternative is to place a cup of white vinegar in the lower basket and run the empty machine. But if the machine is neglected, we recommend using a proprietary cleaner first and then using the vinegar – it is not strong enough to cope with a major build-up. Thereafter, use vinegar once a month.


Fill the powder dispenser with citric acid and run the full cycle with the machine empty. Citric acid can be obtained from chemists.

powder dispenser

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