How To Clean Pictures In Your Home?

How To Clean Pictures In Your Home? – Pictures in the home will generally not need anything more than dusting – once every few months is all that is necessary. Instead of a duster, use a brush to whisk dust off. A brush is less likely than a duster to catch on splinters on the frame or loose flakes of paint on canvases. An alternative is to use an artist’s puffer brush to blow any dust off. Even easier is to blow the dust off yourself as you are brushing.The glass should also only need dusting. If you feel you must clean it, never spray any liquid on to the glass. It is very likely to run down in the crack between the frame and the picture and  cause staining of the picture or allow mildew to develop on the picture or the inside of the frame. It could be sound funny, but most little spots on the glass can be removed by the simple method of licking a finger and gently rubbing the mark until it disappears. Shine with a dry duster afterwards.

Clean Pictures In Your Home

If the glass is so dirty that you consider an all-over clean is required, take the picture down from the wall. Use a dry microfiber glass cleaning cloth. As the very last resort you could spray a tiny amount of warter, to which you have added the merest splash of vinegar, very lightly on to a cloth so that it is barely moist, and carefully go over the glass with that. Generally, though, dusting is all that is needed.

Never polish the glass of a pastel or chalk drawing. The static eletricity created can attract loose particles of pigment on to the inside of the glass.


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