How To Clean Kitchen Copper Sink?

How To Clean Kitchen Copper Sink? Kitchen copper sinks are beautiful additions to the home but in order to maintain them you need to know how to look after them properly to ensure that you do not cause any damage. Proper care and attention will ensure the long life of your kitchen copper sink.

– Do not use chemicals
– Use soap and water
– Wax your copper sink
– Polish

Clean Kitchen Copper Sink

Do Not Use Chemicals

Copper does not react well to chemical products so these should be avoided at all costs. These will remove the natural patina of the sink and you will lose the inherent qualities that you have.

Use Soap And Water

A simple soap and water solution is all you need to keep your copper sink nice and clean. Make it a regular habit to wipe over your sink every time you use it. This will also help to reduce any water spots that may start to appear.

copper sink

Wax Your Copper Sink

Proper sink maintenance should always include a waxing session. This only needs to be done twice a year. The wax will provide an extra seal of protection. If you purchase a pre-waxed copper sink, you may be lucky and find that you do not need to do this at all.

If you want to really bring out the shine in your kitchen sink, give it a good polish. Natural products are always best so why not use a good quality olive oil to buff it up to shape.

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