How To Clean Feather And Down Duvets?

Feather and down duvets provide years upon years of protection once they are cared for and treated properly. These natural filled duvets are high quality and offer the best in air circulation and also high tog values. Maintenance is very important in ensuring that they stand the test of time and that you can enjoy them to the fullest for years to come.

The simplest and often most effective way to care for your duvet is to turn it around every couple of weeks. Feathers and down tend to gather in one area of the duvet over time, leading to more wear and tear than is necessary. Turning the item around prevents this sort of issue, helps the longevity of the duvet and ensures the natural fill is evenly dispersed.


Of course, now and again your duvet will get stained, but fortunately these can often be removed with a little bit of warm water and some mild soap. Do not saturate the duvets as this will mean it will take ages to dry. Spot cleaning can often be dried with a hair dryer at a low to medium setting.


If the duvet really needs to be cleaned, then it will require dry cleaning. However, do be aware that this should be done as irregularly as possible as the chemicals used in dry cleaning can be harsh on both down and feathers.

Ideally a duvet should only be dry cleaned every 3-4 years, depending on its use. This removes the dust and dirt that tends to cause allergies and ensures your natural fibre duvet is suitable for even the most sensitive of people. This is often down to the fact these duvets are covered in a tighter weave than manmade filled duvets, creating a barrier between the filling and the user.

Putting the duvet out in the air on a washing line can also be very beneficial and freshens it up to a large degree. This is another simple and effective way of looking after the duvet.


Conventional cleaning:

It is most certainly not a good idea to wash a duvet in a conventional washing machine or dryer, as this will cause significant problems for the down or feathers. Detergent tends to clump the filling and obviously this causes problems in the long term. If the duvet is dried in a dryer it may also tend to singe the feathers used for filling. All of this is far from ideal.

Of course, once the duvet is cared for properly it tends to be a great investment. Paying for quality usually pays off, and this is true in the case of natural fill duvets that can last for years and pay for themselves with countless nights of comfortable rest.

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