How To Clean An Antique Glass?

How To Clean An Antique Glass? – Antique glass, whether in the form of a bottle or ornament, tabletop, or window, requires care and cleaning just like other types of glass surfaces. While cleaning regular glass surfaces makes them sparkle and shine, keeping your antique glass surfaces clean is even more important due to the age of the glass. Besides, every proud owner of antiques wants to bring out the best in the object in order to show it off to all who see it.

The basic cleaning

Basic cleaning can be done on antique glass with a clean cloth to get rid of dust and refresh the antique glass on a regular basis. This is an easy preventative step you can take to keep your antique glass clean and shiny. In addition, it makes a more extensive cleaning more effective when the shine of the antique glass is maintained.

Bringing out the shine

Bringing out the shine

For a more thorough cleaning of antique glass, you can try using soap and water, along with a clean cloth or squeegee tool to wipe. These tools can help you wipe away any dust and dirt particles that may be preventing your antique glass surfaces from looking their best.

For a more thorough cleaning still, use a glass cleaner along with the clean cloth or squeegee tool to get rid of stains and any stubborn dirt which you can’t get rid of by using soap and water.

It is important to avoid using paper towels when cleaning antique glass. In general, paper towels are not the best choice because they can leave behind paper particles and make the glass look “fuzzy.” With antique glass, this can become an even greater problem. In addition, using a rough material to wipe down the antique glass can cause the surface to be scratched. Therefore, it is best to use a cloth made specifically for glass cleaning or a gentle squeegee.

gel-based cleaner

Taking it easy

If you prefer a gentler, gel-based cleaner, this can also be used to get your antique glass surface clean. This also may be gentler on the glass as opposed to a regular spray solution. In addition, gel-based cleaners can get into nooks and crannies needing to be cleaned, while preventing streaks from occurring.

Keeping it clear

If your antique glass has any problems with fogging up or not being visible and clear, you can try using an anti-fog agent to keep your antique glass surface from fogging.

Taking preventative measures

If your antique glass surface is something small or ornamental, you may want to place it on a soft surface, such as a towel, when using these cleaners. This helps you avoid damaging the glass while you are cleaning both sides.

Taking preventative measures

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