How To Clean Alcohol Stains From The Carpet?

When the home party comes to the end, the host of the party is usually left with unsightly stains on the carpets. From red wines to spirited concoctions, alcohol can leave a big stain. How does one effectively clean the alcohol from expensive carpeting and salvage the rug?

Any domestic cleaning expert will instruct that the best way to get rid of carpet stains is to catch them right when they happen. While this is not always possible, as soon as that red wine hits that light colored carpet, clean it up. Blot any stain and never rub. By rubbing the stain it sends it straight to the deep fibers of the carpet and will help set it in for good. The best way to rid a stain that proves to be troublesome is by using an oxygen based cleanser. If the carpet is light colored this will do the trick, but it could remove the color from darker carpets.

The power of vinegar

Vinegar is a great cleaner that is used for so many types of house cleaning. From making window cleaner to conditioning the hair, there are a million uses for this liquid. For those who have darker carpets, they will need to use a combination of vinegar and dish washing liquid. Together these powerful cleaners can remove red wine without problem. When the stain has sat for a day or two, the stain can be more stubborn to remove.


Hydrogen Peroxide

The foaming cleaner for cuts and bumps may be the next best thing for the carpets. By applying a bit of peroxide to the carpet and some baking soda, it will create a foaming action that goes deep into the stain. When the stain has sat for a while, the intense foam can work to the core of the stain lifting and erasing the damage. It is difficult to get the core of a stain out, especially once it has sat for a while. However, peroxide is powerful at getting out the toughest stains.

The next party can be cheerful and bright, especially when the stains have no power against a prepared hostess. From simple house cleaning products to things used by domestic cleaning companies, there is something to clean up those alcohol stains.


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