How To Brighten Up Your Bathroom?

Let’s be honest, bathroom is the main place we spend all of our mornings. Nice look of your bathroom makes you feel happy and put you in a good mood. Here are five great tips to brighten up your bathroom and make every visit a pleasure and at the same time add value to your home.

1. Brighten up the walls. To brighten up the walls a simple paint job might be the easiest way to do it but for a longer lasting method you could also tile the walls. When choosing colours for either method, bright colours can be used to enhance the size of your bathroom.

2. Replace waterproof seals. With your walls looking bright and welcoming, it’s time to get rid of the old and bring in the new. Over the years the waterproof seals around your bath and sink collect mould and can lose colour. A handy tip is to simply replace them for new ones. Alternatively, a good scrub down with bleach can do the job.


3. New bathroom lighting. Other items to be replaced are the lighting fixtures. The tip here is to use fixtures which match the colour and design of your bathroom. It is also important to note that the lights should just be bright enough and not overly bright that it hurts your eyes.

4. Invest in new towels. Another easy way to brightened your bathroom is to get some new bath towels. Being constantly used, bath towels tend to lose colour and fray leaving a dirty look in the bathroom. Simply replace them when they wear and new towels re the quickest and easiest way to decorate your bathroom.

bathroom-remodeling2 bathroom-remodeling3

5. New bathroom hardware. Lastly, replacing your old worn out hardware is another handy tip. Overtime, bathroom hardware can lose its shiny look and become discoloured. To resolve this, new towel rails, robe hooks, shelves, cup holders, doors and other bathroom ware can be installed to make an amazing difference at a low cost.

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