How Often You Need Maid?

When it comes to hiring maids, one of the initial questions and concerns individuals need to have is in regards to the frequency of use. The more often you have a team of professionals come in to handle your cleaning needs, the more beautiful and maintained your home can be.

But, how often do you need service? What’s ideal for your needs? To find out, you’ll need to spend a few minutes considering what you would like to have done and how often that area needs attention. What you may find is that it is easier than you think to get the care you need on your budget and timeline.

Traffic areas. In every home, there are different areas that are high-traffic. These are areas that everyone walks through, puts things down in or spends their time in. For example, you may not use your basement often, but the kids generally go through the living area every day, whether it is to sit and talk or to watch television. These high-traffic areas need to be properly cleaned and maintained. They also need the most service of all areas. Consider how often they become messy. Most often, maids do not put away belongings or handle any type of organization (unless you hire them to do just that), but you will find that they will handle dusting, cleaning floors and wiping off surfaces. How often do your high traffic areas need this service?


The kitchen and baths. There are some areas of the home that need to be properly maintained for health and sanitary reasons, including the kitchen and bath. It is a good idea to keep these on your high list for tasks that need done on a regular basis. Though you’ll need to wipe down counters and clean surfaces every day, you may need a detailed cleaning once a week or even every other week. Determine how often the area needs to be cleaned.

Lesser trafficked areas. Extra rooms, bedrooms and other areas of the home that get less use may not need to be maintained on a weekly basis. You may find it a better choice to have these done every other week. You may not even want to include them at all. This is up to you and how often you are going to use these spaces.

Maids will work with you. They will help you to determine the best possible time frame for your needs. Ultimately, you need to determine what the best solution is for your needs. Yet, you may want to try getting help more frequently and then cut back if you find that it is not needed. It can be a trial and error type of process.

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