Household Odor: Removing Carpet Odor

No matter how good and fresh your carpet looks, if there is a bad odor about it, you will certainly have little pleasure using it and big trouble removing it, as bad odors in home are mostly difficult to remove especially from soft and absorbing surfaces. Nevertheless, household odor and carpet odor can be reduced, masked or even removed using some quite affordable and simple ingredients.

What you apply to your carpet for odor removal in great measure depends on the cause of such household odor, on the material your carpet is made of and on carpet color. We would name such things as cat and dog or even baby urine odors among the hardest ones to remove from carpets. One of the best things which removes such odors is manganese, but removing cat and dot urine stains and odor, it leaves its own brownish stains instead. So, such household odor treatment is good only for dark color carpets.

You may also use vinegar for carpet odor removal. But here you need to be careful about carpet coloring. Add one table spoon of vinegar to 2,11 pints of water and clean the carpet with this solution. You may want to clean only the stain area or the entire carpet with this solution. In this case vinegar solution will help you to make your carpet coloring brighter.

Baking soda is another excellent and very affordable carpet odor cleaning agent. What you need to do is to spread soda all over your carpet or just on the smelly stains you got there and leave it like that for a day or two. Then you may remove the soda with a broom or a vacuum cleaner and air your carpet outdoors. You may also use chemical dry or liquid odor removal cleaners, such as Vanish for example. They are easy to apply and to clean. You simply spread them over the carpet and remove them by vacuuming it. However, most of such chemical agents leave strong aromatizing odor, which can evoke an allergy.


To avoid this problem it is best to clean your carpet outdoors and leave it there after the cleaning for several days or even for a week. Plus, it is good to do a light warm water brush washing for carpet cleaning after you have vacuumed the detergents off the carpet. Such carpet detergent and baking soda are able to remove or eliminate not only pet odors, but dirt and mold odors as well. As you see, carpet odor removal is not a simple task, but it is worth managing, because nice smelling and clean carpet does not only serve as a great home decoration, but improves much health environment of your house.

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