House Party Clean Up Routine

House Party Clean Up Routine – Having a house party means lots of cleaning – before the party and after it. You don’t want to invite your friends to a messy house and you have to clean up after a party too. Party clean up doesn’t sound like the most fun thing to do but trust me, with this guide to cleaning before and after the party, you will find it to be so easy that you will be volunteering to host the next party ever so often.

Getting started on the house party clean up routine, you need to clean your house before the party. Here is a guide on how to clean house fast before the guests arrive…

The clean smell. Opening up the windows is the first thing you should do before a party. That lets the fresh air come in to the house. Nothing kills a party like a stuffy surrounding. Continue spraying some fabric spray on your bed, blankets and pillows will help give a clean smell to your apartment. You can also make the house smell amazing by lighting up some of your favorite aromatic candles. Do not go overboard on the antiseptic products; no one wants to party at a hospital.


The warm welcome. Make your entrance space look welcoming and warm by leaving the outdoor lights on when the guests arrive. Get a coat rack if you don’t already so that guests can hang their coats and hats when they come in. If you don’t, just assign a space near the door so that they don’t end up all over the house. A shoe rack and a bucket to put umbrellas in is also a good idea.

The clutter-free space. Small things take up little space but you will be surprised how messy they make the room look when you take a picture of your room. Walk around the house with a large basket and dump in anything you think is making the room look messy. For now, hide the basket away in a place where your guests can’t see them. You can put them in their proper places after the party.

The neat bathroom. One rule to follow when you clean the bathroom fast: see it from the guests’ point of view. Whatever meets your eye when you sit down and stand up, clean that first. Run a microfiber cloth over the mirror with some cleaning solution. Pile up fresh hand towels enough to last throughout the night. Do not forget to put a new roll of TP and a number of backups nearby.


The spacious kitchen. Pack up unnecessary countertop appliances so that you have a lot of space in the busy kitchen during the party. Wipe the counter, stove, cupboards and fridge. Fake an empty sink by hiding dirty dishes in the dishwasher and wipe the sink, too. Adjust the things inside the fridge to make room for food or drinks your friends might bring along.

The reserved bedroom. It is a general rule that people should not be hanging out in your bedroom during the party. But as a precaution, pick up the clothes lying around, toss them in the closet, do your bed in a simple manner, put stuff from your nightstand into the drawer and you are good to go.

The tidy living room. The rule to cleaning any room fast is hide the small clutter and adjust the biggest pieces in the room. Straighten the couch and rug and fluff up the cushions. Wipe the TV and table. Give the space a run of the vacuum cleaner.

Hiding the evidence. Of course you need to make everyone think that you live in an eternally clean home! Pack up the trash that has collected and take it outside. A neat trick for a house party is to put two garbage bags in the trash can. That way, you already have a trash can ready to go when the first garbage bag is brimming.


That’s it! Wasn’t that a piece of cake?

Now you have fun at your party and try to stay calm when you run out of ice. Yes, you will always run out of ice at a party – Tried and tested. After the party, however, you will have some major cleaning to do.

After party clean up does not have to be stressful at all. If anything, it will be even easier than the pre-party cleaning.

So the after party clean up routine consists of 4 steps. Try to clean up right after the party. If you have been lazy about it before, you know the horrible stench of stale alcohol and food the next morning that we’re talking about. You do not have to clean up everything the very same day; just the food and alcohol.

The after party clean up routine begins with:

Hunt. You need to be armed with a laundry basket and garbage bag for this. Patrol the house and pick up items that do not belong in a particular room and garbage. Garbage goes into the garbage bag (no-brainer) and things that belong in a particular room go into the laundry basket. Dishes that need to be cleaned get piled in the living room, one room after another.

Toss. Bring the dishes you collected in the living room to the kitchen. Throw away scraps and empty half-filled glasses and cups into the sink. Put them into the dishwasher and start when it’s fully loaded. While the dishes get a thorough washing, tie up the garbage bags and take them out.

Shine. Check all rooms and tackle the spills and stains that might have taken over the house during the party. Sauce stains, cup rings, etc; get rid of these with a microfiber cloth and an all-purpose cleaner. Just like you did before the party, straighten furniture, fluff up cushions and adjust rugs.

Sweep. We bet your house looks tidy already. But no cleanup routine is complete without some help from our trusty vacuum cleaner. Whip it out and give your carpets a thorough cleaning. Mop up the area quickly if you have laminate or hardwood floors. Your house is now back to its original glory.

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