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Nothing is better than wooden furniture for the decoration of homes, offices and other living places. A well decorated home with good quality furniture gives it an elegant view and warmth feelings. It is very essential for the socially active people give a remarkable look and feel to their houses to enhance its grandness. Wooden fittings is the most ideal stuffs for it, these fixtures come in wide range of quality, types and textures. People have to choose fittings according to their home and its architecture. In these days the blend of traditional and modern fittings are most popular and used to give a striking looks to living places. After purchasing timber fittings, there proper care of them is also necessary to make them everlasting with their actual look and feel. Some important guidelines which can help people to take care of these fixtures are following.

Relative humidity is very important for the wooden products. It is advisable that always maintain humidity of your rooms at approximately 30 percent. You can use humidifier winter and air conditioners in summer seasons. If the humidity level regularly changes wooden fittings start exchanges moistures and may be expand. If the ambiance the room is so dry than wood loose their moistures and shrinks and in both cares your furniture loose their actual texture and finishing.

Also ensure that any furniture doesn’t place in front of direct heat source. Protect your timber items form the direct sunlight. Use plastic bits at the legs of fitting so that they don’t directly come in touch of floors because if you furniture comes in directly contact with floors any wood eating insect can easily affect it.


Properly dusting of fixtures is also necessary. People also must have to properly wash and dry them after regular intervals with the good quality cleaning soaps. After washing, immediately dry it by using cotton clothes so that it doesn’t soak the water.

There are several kinds of wax available in markets, use some good quality waxes to maintain finishing and the textures of your fittings. Polish all the wooden furniture with good quality wax twice in a year. Before applying new wax remove old one by using some good quality polish removing products.

People can also try furniture covers which are made up of soft cotton clothes for their wooden chairs, sofa sets, table and other fittings. Properly handlings of these fittings are also important for their safety. Always lift your timber items and don’t slide them, if the furniture is heavy like wooden almirah you can use sliding pulley to shift it from one place to another.

cleaning-wooden-furniture wooden-furniture-cleaning

These are the some important tips to stay furniture in good condition and everlasting. You must have some fixtures in your homes and also want them to the long time. So follow these general things for their proper care and make them durable.

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