Home Organizing Tips: When/Where To Use Mothballs?

There are a few good uses for moth’s balls. Using them correctly will keep your household safe yet free from pest. Mothballs most often remind us of grand mom’s house because they were used quite often decades ago. As we have become more conscientious and educated about the chemicals that we put in our homes the smell of mothballs has faded.

This chemical ball is used by all means to kill fabric-eating pests, such as moths. All moth balls have a warning on the label stating that they are intended to be used to kill moths on clothes in an air tight container. This is good advice to follow.

It might not always be the most practical approach, but a wise one. It is best to keep the use on clothes at a minimum in a house where small children are present. The fumes themselves are not healthy to inhale. Use mothballs on clothes that are packed away for the season and will be washed before wearing them again.

Mothballs work well on killing flea problems in the home. Some people place a few in the vacuum cleaner bag and use them to kill the fleas that are sucked up off the floor. There are many articles on how to approach this infestation with the use of mothballs, and for some it is the most inexpensive approach they can afford. In some research articles it is suggested to crush the mothballs and sprinkle them on the infested area before vacuuming. It is always best to follow these instructions in a room free from children and pets.

moth balls

Finally, a good use for mothballs is to cover a strong odor in the crawl space under the house. It’s always best to know that doing this is exchanging one smell for another. Mothballs can be used as a powerful deodorizer. They can cover up the smell of dead rodents and make the inside of the house bearable until nature has taken it’s coarse and the bad smell has faded away. Once the mothball has dissolved, its scent will leave and the temporary problem will be conquered.

The use of mothballs should always be taken with caution since it is a powerful chemical. They are a good resource to solve many household problems with great success. Knowing when to use mothballs is strictly up to the individual.

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