Home Organizing Tips: Living Room Furniture

Living room, lounge, sitting room, living room and drawing room – just some of the names we choose to call the main room in the house where the family likes to hang out together. Offering a place to relax, watch TV, read, and chat with your mum and dad, sisters and brothers, or invite friends over to join the rest of the crew and watch a movie together.

This is why people like to spend more effort on this room than any other in the house on getting the living room furnishings and d├ęcor just right, because of the amount of time spent here. Take a look around your living room as it stands, and then make a note of what it is lacking and what you can do about it.

Are there comfy chairs or a sofa where you can put your legs up and have a cuddle with the kids or hubby? Is the coffee table conveniently placed to put that welcome cup of tea or keep the movie magazines handy? How about lighting? Is it harsh and bright or do you have lamps to soften up the atmosphere at night? These are just a few things to consider when refurbishing or decorating your living room.


Consider the space you have, perhaps as it is at the moment it feels cramped or over-crowded. Well, that’s easily fixed just by removing some of the bulky living room furniture, or even replacing it all together for smaller or simpler items.

It helps to have a main area in the living room as a focus, for most homes this is generally the sofa and coffee table, once these are in place everything else can be slotted in around them, in other homes it might be the period fireplace, or the huge flatscreen TV.


What are the main things you do in the living room? Most people go there to watch TV, read the papers, chitchat with the other half, invite friends over for a drink, and relax. You may want it to cater for several functions of living room furniture, it’s easy enough to split the room up with an open-backed bookcases or cabinets and use the smaller section as a small dining section or a home office with desk tucked away in the corner if there is lack of space elsewhere in the house.


Social people will want to furnish it to accommodate the family, in which case it’s fine to have the TV as the main focal point, however if you like to have friends over for a social drink or gossip then the TV will prevent everyone from talking as they’ll be distracted by it. It’s best to position plenty of comfortable seating around coffee tables so drinks can be placed easily and everyone can see each other. Try a horse-shoe shape as a full circle will look like you are about to hold a meeting of some kind!

Now you’ve got the room set up how about adding some personal touches to make it more homely and cosy? Brightly coloured cushions will make seating more comfortable whilst lamps strategically placed will reduce harsh overhead lights and make the space look warmer and friendly.

living-room2 living-room4

Everyone has a few decorations and ornaments to put out on display, whether they have been given as gifts or collected on travels over the years. A bit of color will also bring life to a room and this is easily accomplished either by painting one section of the room, or a feature wall, a different tone to the rest of the living room furniture, or simply adding cushions onto the sofas and armchairs and rugs in various colours.

The living room furniture is the heart of a home and generally one of the most used rooms, great for all kinds of activities including reading and watching TV, entertaining, or just enjoying being with the kids. Make the most of what you have and enjoy your home and your family together.

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