Home Organizing Tips: Having Plants Indoors

A lot of people do not consider putting plants inside their houses. This is because they find the process of watering and taking out the plants from time to time to get some sunlight quite troublesome to do. What they fail to look at are the benefits of having a plant indoors.

Decorative purposes. Plants are very effective as home décor. They can serve many purposes – feature focal point, a divider screen, accent pieces, and many more. Plants, especially flowering ones, bring a personal touch and sense of belonging to a space. It transforms a perfect house to a comfortable home. Furthermore, plants soften up rigid interiors that usually look cold.

Keeps you healthy. Have you ever heard of the Sick Building Syndrome (SBS)? It is a sickness that is related to poor indoor air quality of office or residential buildings. Itchy eyes, drowsiness, and headaches are the common symptoms of SBS. One easy way to avoid being sick with this illness is by placing plants indoors. Why, you ask? This is because plants have been proven to have air purifying properties. Plants like Gerbera Daisy, Spathiphyllum, English Ivy, Spider Plant, Chrysanthemum, Golden Pothos, Dracaena, and Palms can efficiently reduce levels of harmful gases found in almost every interior environment. So the more plants you have inside your home, the cleaner the indoor air you breathe.


Feeds the senses. Aside from being visually stimulating, plants can also stimulate your sense of smell. A lot of plants give off natural scents that are very calming. Such examples are lilacs, chamomile, and lavender. It is always a nice feeling that you smell a distinct aroma once you step inside your home. So instead of buying scented oils and aroma therapy candles that could be quite expensive, you can buy plants instead to keep you home smelling fresh.

What plant to use and where to put it?

If you worry that putting plants indoors will take up your time because you need to water it or bring it out from time to time, do not be so bothered. There are plants that can thrive well indoors. Some plants such as Silver King Evergreen, Golden Pothos, Parlor Palm, Snake Plant, and Goldband Sansevieria can live with little amount of light.

When you go to a greenhouse to get your indoor plant, ask for one that has a low light requirement. These plants don’t need a lot of sunshine to bloom. What you can do is you can place it beside a window and water it once a day to keep it healthy. If you want to put it on a spot that is quite far from natural lighting, putting artificial lighting above it can also be done.


Plants don’t have to always be in big pots. You can also use small flowering plants and herbs. You could use these small plants as table centerpieces or as a ‘garnishing’ for your kitchen. Keeping an herb plants in the kitchen could actually come quite handy especially when you are into herbal cooking.

These are just some of the many benefits that plants could bring into your interior space. Put one inside your home today so you can get to experience it yourself.

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