Home Organizing: Linen Storage Ideas

Bath towels, blankets, extra sheets, pillow cases and table clothes; where should these items be stored in your home? Finding the right storage space for your linens is important, because they need to be kept in the right conditions. With a proper storage space, you will be able to keep your linen collection clean, pristine and well organised so that you can always find the right piece when you need it.

How should you be storing your linens? Here are a few important advices that you should keep in mind so that your linens are stored properly.

As linen is a natural fibre, it should be stored in a specific way so that it is not damaged by mould and mildew. First of all, you should always wash your linens before storing them. If they have oils from your skin left on them this can degrade the fabric over time and cause it to break down. If they have little crumbs or food stains on them, such as table cloths or napkins, they will attract insects. Always wash your linens according to the manufacturer’s instructions before laundering them.


Of course, make sure that your linens are completely dry before putting them into storage. Linens that are even slightly damp will create an environment where mould and mildew will grow, especially when kept in a dark area. If your linens cannot go in the dryer, you can line dry them on a hot and sunny day until they are completely dry with no sign of moisture.


The next step is to fold your linens gently. Don’t fold them too tightly, as pressing down very hard on the corners will cause permanent creasing. For this reason, ironing them before storing them is not necessarily a good idea. Simply fold them gently so that they will not take up as much room. If you have large linen tablecloths, these are often stored best when they are rolled up. If you want your linens to look flat, you can iron them again when you take them out to use them.


Your linens should be kept in a cool, dry area which is well ventilated. One of the best options is a cupboard with slats that allows air to circulate within. Try to make sure that your cupboard isn’t up against a heating pipe. Avoid keeping your linens in a wood drawer or a cedar chest, as the fumes from the wood acid can yellow the fabric or cause it to weaken.

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When you are arranging the linens in the cupboard or storage closet, you should put the heavier items like tablecloths at the bottom and then stack napkins and lace on the top so that these smaller and daintier pieces don’t get damaged or crushed.

Storing your linens in the right way will ensure that they are not damaged and they do not develop mould or mildew. With the right storage your beautiful linens will last for many years to come.

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