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Many homeowners worry about the smell of their homes, even if they keep them sparkling clean. One of the best ways to eliminate odours and personalise your living space is to make full use of aromas in different rooms, especially more intimate rooms where you and other family members go to relax – such as lounges, dining rooms and bedrooms. It is important for the well-being and pleasure – of each of us to find the scent which is most suitable for each room of the home, taking into consideration factors such as the spaces, size, light and furniture.

Picking the right scent is important, as you won’t want to accidentally create the opposite effect intended by making people feel more alert or distracted when they’re supposed to be relaxing. Finding the right home fragrance for each room can serve to greatly enhance the mood of residents and guests, and has been proven to reduce stress and lessen depression and other negative feelings.


When picking home fragrances for different rooms, it can help if you’re in a relaxed mood, otherwise your responses may not be reliable when testing out different aromas. Some of the most popular scents for inducing or enhancing calm feelings include bergamot, frankincense, lavender and patchouli. Conversely, if you’re picking home fragrance for rooms where you wish people to feel fresh and invigorated – such as the kitchen, bathroom or a home gym – you should favour fresh scents, like citrus.


If you fancy turning your bedroom into a sensual paradise, you can find scents that enhance feelings of romance and can even act as aphrodisiacs, such as gardenia, jasmine and sandalwood. For kid’s bedroom you will want to go down a different route, and home fragrances such as grapefruit, lemon and orange can enhance feelings of happiness in people of all ages – though you may wish to consult with your child before making such changes to their private abodes.

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There are various methods of creating these types of home fragrance, including scented candles and essential oils, but one of the most convenient and practical is room sprays, which can be effective for creating short- or longer-term aromas.


As well as enhancing positive feelings and improving emotional wellbeing, room sprays and other types of home fragrance can also be great for setting a festive mood at various points of the year – from natural pine and musky fragrances around Christmas time to fresh, vibrant scents in the spring. You can also stock up on certain room sprays that you know are favourites with friends or family members, to create a more suitable atmosphere when they pay a visit.

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