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You’ve put a lot of thought into selecting the perfect home fabric for your custom-made draperies or your newly upholstered furniture. Now, do you know how to take care of the home fabrics to make them last longer?

Home fabrics must be protected from the sun. Draperies should be lined, and also interlined, when fragile fabrics are used such as silk. Shades should be drawn during the day and awnings should be used whenever possible. Window glass magnifies the destructive elements in the rays of the sun. The winter sun and reflection from the snow are even more harmful than the summer sun. Trees and shrubbery help protect windows. Colors can fade by oxidation if fabrics are kept in storage for too long a period without airing. Impurities in the air may cause as much fading as the direct rays of the sun.

Use a dry cleaner specializing in home furnishings. Dust has impurities, which affect home fabrics. Vacuum fabrics often. Dry cleaning should be done at regular intervals before excessive soil has accumulated. Very few home fabrics are washable.


Fabrics wear out…they are not indestructible. Wear will vary with the amount of use. Some weaves are stronger than others are. A favorite chair will not last as long as a seldom-used showpiece.

Finishes may help fabrics resist soil and stain. Applied finishes help fabrics resist spotting, but they are not necessarily the end-all to every problem. Light colors are likely to benefit most. Dining room chairs will soil no matter what is used. A finish does not eliminate the necessity of properly caring for home fabrics. Spots should still be given immediate attention by a professional dry cleaner.


(Montiss UV Handy Vacuum cleaner with antibacterial UV-light. An ideal device to remove bacteria from your mattress and eliminate mites from your home. Is perfect for cleaning and treatment of the fabric of your sofa’s, curtains and carpets.)

Synthetic fibers. Synthetic yarns have made impressive strides in advancing the technology of weaving, but they cannot perform miracles. Performance will vary with the construction of the fabric and its application.

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