Home Cleaning Tips: If a Maid Cleans Your House…

Talking about home cleaning, many people dream about hiring a maid like they dream about winning the lottery. It may seem so luxurious and out of reach. They may have been taught to clean up their own messes, to save money and to take care of everyone and everything.

They may buy new home cleaning gadgets and gizmos, a colorful tote for cleansers, books filled with housecleaning tips and their house may still look like a pigsty. Does this sound familiar? So, who is it going to be cleaning your house – you or a maid?

If You Clean Your House

If you decide that it’s your responsibility to either clean the entire place yourself or enlist your team of family members or roommates, you may be one of those optimistic types. You may hold a family meeting and lay out the duties like sweeping the floors, scrubbing the bathrooms, scouring the kitchen and vacuuming. Like a democratic leader, you ask family members and housemates to vote on which tasks they’d most like to perform. They may all look at you like you’re crazy, or they may say “okay” but not mean it. Whichever happens, it will be a frustrating situation that will lead to resentment, screaming arguments but still no clean house. You can suck it up and decide that you will do it all again. Your house may or may not get tidied up, but you will begin to resent your housemates and they will loathe you right back. Living with a martyr is way worse than living with a dirty abode.


If A Maid Cleans Your Place

If you decide to go for the gold and hire a housecleaning service, you may be initially out of a bit of cash but chances are your bank account and life will become more prosperous anyway. Why? Because you’ll be more relaxed, have more time to do your employment related work, will have better Feng Shui due to the tidy digs and everyone in the home will like each other again. Having a spic-and-span home will allow everyone to invite guests over so everyone’s social life will improve, too. Money and energy will be saved on doctors’ visits, as well, because a cleaner house is a healthier house. Furnishings, appliances and flooring that seemed to be worn out will now look fresh and sparkling again. Instead of having to go out and buying a new sink, rug or dining room table, the old ones will last years longer after being scrubbed, vacuumed, and polished into rejuvenation.

So, it’s your decision – who is it going to be? You or the maid cleaning up your home? If you’re the lucky winner of the chores, chances are your future will be filled with dirt, scum and resentment. If the housecleaning service wins the chore list, they will have a job and you and your family will have a tidy house and live happily ever after.

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