Home Appliances Tips: Making Water Heater Last Longer

If you want the water heater to last longer than usually expected, then you need to know some basic information about the maintenance. The maintenance is very important because it will decrease the risks of malfunctions. Like any home appliances, the water heating system will require constant cleaning. At the same time, the overused parts of the system will need to be replaced.

The most common problem that will affect your water heater is rust. Since in most cases the tank of the heater is made of steel or some kind of alloys, it will be affected by rust sooner or later. If you noticed that a part of your heater has rusted, you will have to either cleaning it or replacing that part.

You should never ignore even the slightest rusting on the tank, since it will spread on the whole container and you will have to purchase a new water heater. However, if you used a tankless water heater, then rust will be a relatively less problem than tank water heater since tankless water heater does not have the tank.


If your heater is plugged into the gas line, make sure that there are no leaks. In order to perform the test, you will need to apply soap on the gas tube. If the soap starts to bubble, you should immediately turn off the gas valve and call a technician to fix it. We do not suggest any attempt to replace the tube by yourself, because any mistake in installing it can lead to an unexpected explosion.

Sedimentation is another common issue with heater tanks. There is no way to prevent this from happening, so the best thing you can do is to flush the tank constantly. You will have to drain all the water in your heater’s tank, which will flush out all the sediments inside. There is no need to turn off your water heater while flushing it. Again, if you used a tankless water heater, relatively, this will not be a big problem since a tankless water heater does not have the tank.

tankless water heater

You should make sure that all the electrical wires are properly isolated. First, unplug the heater. If any of the wires is corroded, there is a high chance that it could short the circuit of the entire system. Therefore, you have to isolate any such wires you find in the water heater. In case you are not sure you can do it by yourself, you should always call an electrician. Sometimes, it is better to replace the wires that are heavily corroded instead of patching them up.

Whenever you are performing maintenance on the water heater, you should be very careful. Always unplug the heater whenever you are working on the wires. Some parts of the heater are always hot. Therefore, do not touch the heater, unless it has been cooling off for a while.


If you followed the above guidelines, you should be able to properly maintain your heater and thus, increase its lifespan. Proper and constant maintenance of the water heater can ensure that the device will work at maximum efficiency for a very long time. Keep in your mind, compared to doing regular maintenance on the water heater, it is much more expensive to replace it with a new one, no matter you use tank or tankless water heater. The time and money you invested in the maintenance is well worth it.

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    The time and money you invested in the maintenance is well worth it.

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