Hob Cleaning Tips

Hob Cleaning Tips – The type of hob you choose is a matter of personal preference. From the cook’s point of view, gas is the first choice, but gas hobs can be fiddly to clean. Electric radiant hobs are easier to clean, but they do not have the instant adjustability of gas.

The gas hob cleaning tips

Wipe quickly after every use, especially if something has been spilt during cooking, with a damp cloth and a little liquid cleaner. Remove burnt-on patches with a nylon scourer or, even better, a mark and stain eraser sponge.


Once a week, take the pan supports, burner caps and heads off the hob. If there is burnt-on food on the hob top, you can loosen it by leaving it covered with a cloth dipped in the soapy water while you clean the pan supports, etc. The pan supports can usually go in the dishwasher. If not, wash them in hot, soapy water. Burner caps should generally not be immersed in water because of the danger of rusting the non-vitreous underside. Clean these and the aluminium hob rings with a Brillo pad.

For the burners to work safely, the slots in the burner head where the flames burn need to be kept clear of deposits. Clean with a nylon brush, rinse and dry thoroughly.


Once these are clean, wipe the hob top. The soaking will have loosened the dirt. At the same time, do the front of the oven and wipe the fascia and in between the knobs. Some free-standing gas stoves have a glass lid, which acts as a splashback. Wash it now. Rinse, wipe dry and put back pan supports etc. Take care to put back the burner caps and heads in the correct position, so that they sit squarely on the hob.

The electric hob cleaning tips

After use, wipe the surface of the hob around the rings with a damp, soapy cloth. Switch off the electricity. Clean sealed plates with a cream cleaner and a scouring pad, then apply a specialist hob polish. Removable rings should be dismantled and the relevant parts washed in hot, soapy water. Consult the manufacturer’s manual.


The glass-topped hob cleaning tips (ceramic, halogen and induction hobs)

After use, wipe the glass-topped hob with a damp, soapy cloth only. Stubborn stains and burnt-on deposits should be removed with a special hob scraper. If the spill is sugar-based, turn off the heat immediately, remove the pan and wipe the glass before continuing. Always consult the manufacturer’s manual before cleaning these hobs, because some detergents can impair their ability to radiate heat.

Once a week, give the hob a more thorough clean, using a specialist hob cleaner such as HOB BRITE, plus a special glass conditioner recommended for the make of hob, following the manufacturer’s instructions.

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The Aga hob cleaning tips

Wipe up spills as they happen with a damp, soapy cloth. Because the Aga is permanently on, use a thicker cloth than usual to protect your hands from the heat. Be particularly conscientious about wiping up any milk or fruit spills immediately, because they can permanently mark the enamel.

Once a week, clean the enamel parts with a mild cream cleanser. Brush the hotplates with a wire brush to remove grit and crumbs. The hotplates do not need cleaning because their heat burns off food deposits. Clean the chrome lids and rail the same way, or use chrome cleaner to give a good shine. It is all a bit hair-raising and hot.


When the appliance is turned off for its annual service, tackle any particularly bad burnt-on bits.

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