Get Bed Odor Off Your Carpet

The material that is used to make carpets is pretty much easy to guess. The fibers used for carpet making are porous and consequently they easily absorb residue into the fabrics. This is especially true for juice, tea or coffee spills that provoke unpleasant odors in the house. When these spills are not promptly and properly dealt with, they cause bad smell which may lead to air pollution in the house. Needless to say this pollution is a potential health hazard for those living in the house.

What do you do to get the horrible odor off your carpet? The oldest tip for treating a smelly carpet, while at the same time steering clear of the shampooing process, would be to spread a good amount of baking powder on the carpet and leaving it on for a while. After leaving the baking soda on for a while, vacuum the carpet for a fresh smell.

Home uses of baking soda and vinegar

There is no doubt, looking back at its long history of use, that baking soda is a precious element when it comes to getting rid of carpet odors or any other odor from fiber objects. Another very useful product that helps to get rid of bad smell is vinegar. A blend of two parts of water and one part of vinegar can be scrubbed unto a carpet to deal with odor issues. This option is more affordable than buying shampoo dedicated to carpet cleaning or hiring a shampooing cleaner for the same purpose.


The use of fresh air

Indeed, the use of fresh air to clear your carpet of odors may seem a little strange for a beginner. However, this method is a good aid in combating carpet stench. Nevertheless, spraying a carpet or air freshener on the carpet will only mask the smell for a little while. If you want to thoroughly handle the odor, it would prove inadvertently wise to do intensive shampooing of the carpet. The type of shampoo to use for this would be one that is very strongly scented. To get the best of this cleaning process, you would want to do several repetitions. You will want to concentrate most of your efforts on the particular area that was affected and that is causing the bad smell.


Furthermore, you may scrub the affected areas with a brush before you start the shampooing and vacuuming process. Should in case the shampooing does not give the desired results, you will need to pull up the carpet from the floor and clean beneath. Pulling up a carpet is no walk in the park; you must therefore take all things into consideration.

Indeed, you can use the strongly scented shampoo to get rid of odors provoked by pet urine. However, the scent may not completely go away. As such, you may need to hire the services of a professional carpet cleaner for such delicate situations. If the services of the professional do not deal squarely with the situation, you may want to give up the carpet and get a new one.

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