Essential Devices For Every Kitchen

Making the investment in a new kitchen devices is usually an important decision. No matter what type the kitchen, there are important items that no kitchen should ever lack. Make cooking tasks are made fast, easy, and more fun with these kitchen devices that make life a little simpler. A kitchen thermometer, a blender, and a food processor and are some essential items your kitchen should have.

Kitchen thermometers are a must in any kitchen. There are three different kinds of kitchen thermometers that every kitchen should have. These are meat thermometers, candy/deep fat frying thermometers and appliance thermometers.

1. Meat thermometers check the temperatures of cooked meats to ensure that the meat is done. Most meat thermometers indicate when various types of meat are done. Thorough cooking of meat is vital in prevention of e-coli, salmonella, and other bacteria.


2. Candy and deep fat fry thermometers gauge when candies have reached various stages of preparation or when hot fat has reached the appropriate temperature for frying goods.

3. Appliance thermometers indicate if refrigerators or freezers are set at the right temperatures to preserve food at safe levels. Oven thermometers are also used to make sure ovens are heating at the indicated temperature.

There are two small items that every cook needs – a blender and a food processor. Both are available in versions from inexpensive models to top-of-the-line models that do almost everything and make your life in the kitchen a little bit easier.


What can a blender do? The answer is much more than just blend thick mixtures like puddings and pie fillings. To blend such mixtures, however, the blender is easier to use and far more efficient than a standard mixer. In addition, blenders can also chop fresh fruits or vegetables or cooked meats and seafood. For best results, chop pieces into one inch or smaller. Make bread or cracker crumbs to use as coating. Cube or soften cream cheese before use and make baby food from the table for a fraction of the cost of the kind in jars.

Treat your blender right. Stop often and make sure that pieces are small enough to properly blend or chop. Use a rubber spatula with thick mixtures and stop to scrape the sides of the blender jar. Don’t overwork the blender’s motor and blend large amounts of food in several small batches.

A food processor is the other small appliance that should be essential to every kitchen. Like a blender, food processors blend, chop, and puree but also will slice, shred, mix batters and dough, and cube things like cheese. A good food processor does work that cooks could do with a knife in a fraction of the time. During kitchen upkeep make sure to keep all attachments and blades clean. Store sharp blades and discs separate from other utensils. Be sure they’re out of the reach of children.

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