Empty And Organize Your Closet Space

You still remember the spacious walk-in closet you fall in-love with when you first saw your current apartment. This closet was actually one of the main reasons you decided to rent the specific house and you nostalgically now recall how proud you felt when you still had the ability to enter your closet space in order to select your next attire. But, for some time now, you have been experiencing an extremely different situation. Your once beloved closet has transformed itself into a monster that threatens to expand its presence to other areas of your apartment as well. Clothes, shoes, and accessories, have been pilling up inside your closet space creating an amorphous mass, which you have to squeeze under your feet in order to grab and pull out your next choice of garment. If this description sounds familiar, perhaps it is time to put an end to your suffering and regain control over your closet. It can actually be a fun process, regardless of what you might believe.

The only way to straighten out not only your wardrobe, but also your mind, is to do what you dread of; empty your closet space. Although some might think that this is actually an unnecessary step, I strongly recommend you to reconsider. By pulling every piece of garment outside your closet’s space you will actually get a chance to check what exactly you have been hiding in there; for who knows how long. By emptying your closet, the mess you now think as inevitable might become an organized zone of personal enhancement that you have never before dreamt of having. Thus, assign a weekend to complete this tremendously important closet-cleaning process and you will be grateful that you will be able again to grab a shirt from the hanger without having first to pick up twenty different things from the floor just to be able to reach your choice.


Begin by opening your closet and inspecting the mess inside. Which four types of clothes or garment materials can you see that you have in abundance? Select the ones that you frequently have bought over the years and place them onto the bed. Dividing the bed space into four zones will assist your efforts later, as you will be able to see how many clothes from each category you own and select the right amount of space for them to be placed. In addition, during this closet-cleaning-up procedure, it is best if you put every single thing currently residing inside your closet’s space somewhere else inside your apartment. Since your bed will host the garments that most frequently appear in your closet, the rest of the apparel materials have to be placed somewhere else, keeping a logical order and forming smaller piles of similar stuff. Pants, suits, shirts, skirts, dresses, shorts, blouses, tops, and T-shirts have to get out from your closet to “breathe,” along with belts, scarves, gloves, bags, shoes, socks and underwear. Attempting to remodel your closet’s space will give you a good idea of what you already have in your possession and which of those old clothes and accessories you really wish to keep.

Now that you have ‘everything out in the open’, it is time to begin the inverse process. Putting everything back inside the closet is the step that you will need some creative thinking in order to manage the volume of the things that are now scattered all around the room. Cardboard boxes, plastic bags, and every other type of small storage containers can keep your outfits and bed clothes in-order. Creating handwritten labels and adding ribbons for some color, will give you an outcome that is usually portrayed in glossy house magazines. Purchase the right type of hangers for your clothes and place them in you closet according to their type and height when hanged. Keep shirts closer together, hang pants in relation to their use and place your various accessories in containers that you can easily reach later (i.e. on the floor or lower drawers). Designate a space to put the clothes which are not currently in season, like heavy overcoats when it is summer or you bathing suit when it is winter. Hats can be placed in bigger baskets, belts can be hanged on the back of your closet doors, and shoes can be placed on specially designed ranks on the floor.


Finally, remember to give away clothes, shoes, accessories or other things you never wear or use. Your local church charities can be a perfect opportunity for you to show that you are a philanthropist, while a variety of organizations offer house pick-up services to take clothes and give them to those less fortunate than yourself. Cleaning-up the messy closet will let you again experience how it feels to be organized. Additionally, you will always be prepared to put something on that it is not full of wrinkles or needs immediate washing. You can also invite over a friend to help you out, as another person’s feedback on your current wardrobe can give you a hint on what you should focus on purchasing next time you are about to do some “serious” shopping.

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