Easy Way To Clean Chandeliers At Home

Easy Way To Clean Chandeliers At Home – There is nothing pleasing than guests praising your sparkling chandeliers for its beauty and your choice. But maintaining them to such extent can be a bit difficult if you have gotten them recently. Well, maintaining them seems to take a lot of time and effort, but that isn’t if you do it appropriately. Most of the people get chandeliers for their house but fail to clean them the way it should be. It is possibly because of the lack of knowledge. You don’t have to expert or get professionals for the job. It is just that you need to know simple yet effective tips of cleaning. It is as simple as that. Here are some useful tips to clean ceiling lights.

Before starting up cleaning process, make sure that the chandeliers are cold. Meaning, don’t start your job just after switching it off. For safety, remove connection plug from socket. No matter what material your ceiling light is made of, always use soft cotton cloths as paper towels. Void using disposable dusting cloths as they can scratch its surface.


–  Remove light bulbs and keep them in a safe place.

–  Don’t ever spray cleaner directly on the crystals or soak them in a dishwasher.

–  Use a pair of soft cotton gloves to clean chandelier with a cleaner meant especially for crystals. Spray the cleaner on the gloves or on a piece of cloth, but never on the crystals.

–  In case, crystal pieces are washable, use normal water for cleaning them and then dry them with a soft cotton cloth.

–  If you know how to open chandeliers and then fix it back to its place, open its part and then clean and maintain them. If you are doubtful, how to open it then get some pictures of your light before you open them so as to get guidelines at the time of attaching.

–  As a cleaning agent, use lukewarm water containing a little portion of white vinegar. Dip a small portion on a cleaning cloth and use it to clean the crystals.

–  You can also use mixture of water and dish washing liquid with soft cotton to prevent scratches.

–  To clean light bulbs, dust them with dry cotton cloth. Make this a habit every time you clean the ceiling lights.


–  The best solution to keep chandeliers clean and maintained is to dust on a regular basis with soft cotton duster. This will avoid dust to accumulate on them.

–  Allow ceiling lights dry overnight to make sure that no tresses of water is there. Keep these tips handy and follow the safety instruction to avoid accidents.

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