Different Ways To Use A Nook

Finding new and different ways to use small spaces can help to transform your home into a place where every room maximizes its features. Nooks are sheltered areas that can be used for a variety of purposes, from enjoying solitude to creating built-in storage space to making a home office. Probably the most well-known is the breakfast (kitchen) nook.

Newer construction and houses from more historical times have nooks, with some in disguise, although homes built in the past 50 years or so are less likely to have these customizable features. If you’re trying to decide how to use a nook, consider these five options when planning a home remodel.


Under the stairs. The space under the stairs is an ideal nook for a cozy place to read a book or set up a work-at-home zone. The place under the stairs was traditionally used as a closet, but a young wizard named Harry Potter changed the concept to using it as a small living space. Add cushioned bench seating with built-in storage, ample overhead lighting and shelving along the walls for extra comfort. A desk along the short wall is ideal for a computer work station or a place for kids to do homework.

nook-stairs nook-stairs1

Breakfast nooks. A popular feature in today’s kitchen remodeling projects is the breakfast nook. It’s oftentimes placed by a window between a corner and where the countertops and cabinetry end. It’s typically large enough for two people to enjoy a small meal together, whether it’s breakfast or a midnight snack.


Attic nook. Dormer windows in the attic create extra room for storage, but are quite useful in a home remodeling project where maximizing space is a priority. An attic conversion can create a reading nook that features a comfortable wooden settee, a leather ottoman or a storage bench. If there is now a bedroom upstairs, use the long and skinny areas beneath the eaves of the house as a walk-in closet space.


Deck nook. Decks come in many shapes and sizes. The most forgotten is the multi-level deck. Where there is space below the main floor on a home with a sloped back yard, take advantage of the space below with a second smaller deck. A chaise lounge can be used in more than just sunny spots. Shade and shelter are prime with a smaller upper deck on the roof or beneath an overhang. These are useful home additions for multi-generation families, especially when outdoor space provides a beautiful view.


Built-in cabinets. Corners are nooks in disguise. Add some carefully designed cabinets with help from a carpenter on a remodeling contractor’s team. Consider the purpose of the shelving, from books to knick knacks to collectibles. Add cozy seating or a work desk with extra shelving for organization.




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