Different Types Of Ceilings Ideas

Different Types Of Ceilings Ideas – What is a French ceiling? It is a ceiling that is designed by its founders, Jean and Marie Gachet. The design came up after Jean Gachet coupled the stretched ceiling technology (which is relatively popular in lost ceiling designs in France) and his passion for traditional materials. He has created a ceiling finish system that is attractive as well as versatile and dependable. In addition, it is also a perfect complement to any decoration, whether contemporary, traditional, or everything in between. It can also be used in conjunction with thermal insulation and soundproofing purposes.

What is a tin ceiling? A tin ceiling is manufactured from various kinds of metals which include copper, tin, steel, and brass. Basically, it comes in the form of large rolls that, when laid, are stamped into a wide array of designs. It can then be cut and used for residential as well as commercial structures.

tin ceiling

Tin ceiling

Most of these tin ceiling plates come in two standard sizes: 2’ x 2’ or and 2’ x 4’. The large standard size is commonly used on commercial structures and preferred by many with regards to drop-in ceiling installation.

How do you clean your vaulted ceiling?

A vaulted ceiling is your ceiling that closely traces your roof line so that it looks like much of your roof. Before cleaning, you need to cover your floor, carpet, or furniture with plastic or any cloth that will catch the spill. After which, you may use a squeegee placed at the end of an extension pole or a broomstick and start cleaning your vaulted ceiling. If you want to clean it completely, use a scaffolding adjusted on a preferred height and use a cloth dipped in a cleaning solution to wipe your ceiling with any dirt or stain.

vaulted ceiling

Vaulted ceiling

When would you use acoustic ceiling tiles?

If you are living in an apartment and you do not like the noise that the children of your co-tenants on the floor above are making, acoustic ceiling tiles are the best material to fit in your ceiling. Similarly, if you do not want to hear the splattering sound of heavy rains, you may use acoustical ceiling tiles. These tiles are made for soundproofing and noise reduction purposes.

How much will a new ceiling cost?

The cost of the new ceiling varies according to performance features and product designs. The typical cost of a new ceiling within a 10′ x 12′ room is estimated to be from $50 to $200. However, such cost does not cover installation costs or suspension system expenses.

What is a fire rated ceiling? A fire rated ceiling secures a particular structure (a house, commercial building, or others) from extreme heat and potential collapse in case it is scorched by fire. It provides a strong barrier between the area where the fire occurs and the floor above.

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