Deck Cleaning Tips

Deck Cleaning Tips – Maintaining the beauty of your deck does not have to an arduous task. Periodically sweeping it plus doing a yearly deep clean should have your wood deck looking great for many years of backyard barbeques and hosted summer outdoor parties. Follow these easy deck cleaning tips and your deck will thank you by staying a lovely accessory of your fine home!

1. Sweep away leaves and other debris a couple of times a month so that grime and trash doesn’t accumulate in the area.

2. If it is time for the yearly thorough cleaning session, remove all furniture and items from the deck so that you can properly get to the floor.

Cover anything that you feel needs to be covered that may be adversely affected by any cleansing solutions used, such as tender young plants.

3. Sweep up the large debris to clear the deck and then, using a skinny stick or some type of slim tool, pick out extra debris from the slats of the wooden floor on the deck. Deposit all of this dirt and debris into a large garbage bag.


4. There are two different steps that can be done now. While the wood is dry, you can use an oxygen bleach solution that will give your wood a deep clean by breaking apart the dirt particles and also is non-toxic to you, your family, or the plants! This solution requires more muscle, however, because some scrubbing may be called for to really get that deck sparkling.


With a water hose and spray attachment, spray down the deck with water, paying attention to the in-between slats so that you can dislodge any dirt. A pressure washer can also be used to get a good clean, but don’t place it too close to the deck so that it doesn’t damage the wood with the pressure.


5. Now some solution can be applied to get your deck very spiffy if you went with option B. Detergent mixed with water or a commercial deck cleaner should be applied to the deck and then scrubbed around with a stiff bristled brush. Once done with that, rinse down the deck with the hose and then give it a couple of days to dry so that you can go about resealing it.

6. Pick out a wood sealer at your local store, keeping in mind that it can come in a variety of types such as one that waterproofs the wood. Once that is chosen, seal the deck with it by applying it according to the instructions on its label. Give it time to dry and now you are able to replace the furniture back onto your deck and it should look amazing!


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