Daily Schedules In Maintaining Household

Daily Schedules In Maintaining Household – To keep the house running Monday To Friday, little and often is the key. Concentrate on the rooms that are used most frequently and that can make life seem most miserable when they are in disarray – the bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen and sitting room. Just forget the rest. In an emergency, forget the sitting room too. At the very, very least, make the beds, wash up, hang up clothes, put out the rubbish.

In the morning. Many people say they have no time to worry about the house first thing in the morning, yet they manage to find time to get themselves properly dressed for work, to put on a suit and tie, or to do their hair and makeup; they manage to get their children ready for school.

The bedroom: When you get up, open the bedroom windows wide, pull back the bed clothes and allow the beds to air while you are having breakfast or your bath. Make the beds.


The bathroom: Always clean the bath after using it. Apart from the horror of facing someone else’s tidemark, the bath is much easier to clean when it has just been used. Tidy away makeup and wipe the basin. Hang up towels.

The kitchen: Unload the dishwasher if it is full from the night before. Either wash up the breakfast things by hand, or reload the dishwasher. Before you leave for work, remember to switch on the dishwasher so it can work while you are out. Wipe kitchen worktops and, if necessary, sweep the floor. If you have loaded the washing machine the evening before, switch it on now. Keep the fridge clean.


In the evening. The evening is essentially a chance for a bit of leisure and to recover from the day, so while there is slightly more time in the evening to put the house in order, it should not be an end in itself – more an opportunity to sort out what is needed for the next day.

The bedroom: Hang up your work clothes and put any other dirty laundry in the laundry basket or in the washing machine, ready for the next wash. If you are feeling really organized, sort out which clothes you and everyone else will be wearing next day, especially any special requirements (PE kit, swimming gear, gym kit) and put it out ready for the morning. It saves a lot of time and anxiety in the morning.

The bathroom: Wipe round bath and basin. Hang up towels and check whether clean ones are needed.


The kitchen: Take out the washing from the morning’s wash and hang it out to dry or put in the tumble-dryer. Sort out a load of washing for next morning, but do not switch on the machine until the morning. After supper, wash up or load the dishwasher and run it. Wash pets’ dishes separately. Wipe down kitchen surfaces, including the hob if it has got spattered, and the sink. Put out clean tea towels and/or dish cloths. sweep or mop the kitchen floor. Put out the rubbish. Empty and clean out pets’ litter trays.

The sitting room: Tidy away books, empty waste-paper baskets and put newspapers/magazines in the recycling bin. Plumb up cushions – for some reason, this always makes a room look as if it has been cleaned, even if it has not. Water plants and top up vases, or throw away any flowers that have had their day.

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