Corner Organizing And Decorations Ideas

Corners are often the most underutilized area of any building, and certainly most houses. Sometimes they just lay bare and gather duct, even though there may be a chair or other object in front of them. They can actually be used very well in a multitude of ways for addition storage, display of objects, and even decoration.

Many homes that seem nearly over fill often have available corner space, which can be used to relieve some of the cluttered look there may be. Here are a few ideas for efficient and sometimes beautiful use of corners and other small spaces in your home.


A corner bookcase can be wonderful. They come in all sizes and shapes, and can vary from a small one that just sits in the corner, to a larger bookcases that cover much of a wall and also curve around the corner. And of course corner bookcases can be used to store a lot more than just books; they are multipurpose storage devices, and can even fit behind a chair in the corner neatly and elegantly, for example a big recliner.

traditional-bookcases-corner pipe-corner-bookcase

When the corner is already full at ground level, wall shelves in the corner can increase storage and display up above the floor. We use corner wall shelves for many uses, including books, bonsai plants where the lighting is good, knickknacks and keepsakes, and also to display some of my wife’s pottery. As this is often a visually appealing area, you can greatly add to your decor this way.

corner-shelf corner-shelves

Corners are also great places for tables and stands. Corner television stands are very common and convenient, and when the room is oriented correctly and furnished appropriately this can be elegant and a great use of space. You’ll find corner TV stands just about everywhere in a multitude of colors and styles. Most discount and furniture stores will have a selection, and many more can be found online. Most have storage under the stand as well either on shelves or in an enclosed space with doors.


Corner cabinets are also great for storage, whether they are wall mounted or on the ground. I tend to use them in bathrooms for towel and other toiletry storage, and in the kitchen for pots and pans as well as canned goods. Of course they can be used anywhere that makes sense. In kitchens they often are part of the entire cabinet set, but sometimes an interesting look can be achieved by contrast, for example perhaps between a restored antique corner cabinet and more modern main cabinets.

corner-chest China-Corner-Cabinet

Corner desks are another great option. Your kid can uses corner desk to organize as well as do homework, and they are also great for household bills and paperwork. It often used for hobbies such as model building and fly tying, and since they are out of the way in a corner, picking up during stages of a project is less important.

cozy-corner-home home-office-corner

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