Cork Kitchen Flooring

Cork Kitchen Flooring – Every home owner takes pride in an outstanding home; one that does not resemble any other in the neighborhood. Many are the times when you long for natural environment inside the home. This is the reason for which your construction elements should all as natural as possible. It is also the reason for which cork floors are coming to you with more benefits. Let us look at what makes cork as a mode of flooring unique.

Why cork is unique from other flooring materials?

You must know that cork is a natural product obtained from oak tree. It is so soft that you will not mind standing on it over long time-spans. In fact, your back, knees and hips are likely to feel better the longer you stand on it.

It is also resilient to pressure ensuring that it retains its beauty and finish even when exposed to pressure!


Why cork flooring is ideal for your kitchen?

Cork flooring in your kitchen is a choice that you will never regret for a couple of reasons, including the reality that cork is resistant to liquid penetration, and it is also resistant to moisture. Natural cork has a cellular structure that allows it to offer the high resistance to water penetration. This outdoes its inability to completely deny moisture from penetrating into it in its natural form. What is more, most cork floorings are coated with water-based finishes to boost their resistance to water and stain damage.Since your kitchen is almost always wet and there is the possibility of water spilling from taps and sinks, you will need a surface that minimizes its penetration.

The temperature in your kitchen is always fluctuating depending on our activities. This calls for the need to have a surface that can accommodate the changes. Cork floors offer thermal insulation because it is divided to minute air spaces that are not easily visible. Hence, it is a poor-conductor of heat. Regardless of this, cork maintains a warm temperature in your kitchen. Therefore, it is better over stone, vinyl, ceramic and hardwood floorings for the kitchen.


Additionally, the air cells act as air cushions. Consequently, cork floorings absorb direct and indirect forces as well as vibrations. This makes it ideal for your kitchen because once in a while you use pressure cookers. They are pretty noisy and you need flooring, walls and ceilings that can accommodate the noise. Remember, your kitchen can also be used for mild entertainment purposes hence you cannot ignore cork!

Cork floor is anti-allergenic. It repels mold, bugs, mites and termites in equal measure thanks to its Suberin: a natural waxy element in cork. You could have just eliminated that carpet and installed a hard yet cold base due to such allergies. If that is the case and you are yearning for warm and smooth feels, make an immediate replacement with cork flooring. Suberin prevents these floors from rotting even when it is sunken under water for long durations.

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