Cleaning Your Domestic Appliances

Cleaning Your Domestic Appliances – If you want your domestic appliances to last longer and you do not want to buy Hotpoint spares, White Knight spares, Bosch spares or any other brand, you absolutely need to clean them very often.
Cleaning your domestic appliances often will make them more efficient which will also cut your energy bill.

The first example here is the freezer or fridge. Even if the most modern ones will usually have an automatic defrost mechanism it should not prevent you from cleaning them as they would still need a clean swipe from time to time.

You will need to clean the inside surfaces of your appliance with a damp piece of cloth and then dry the whole lot with a dry cloth. Cleaning your freezer and fridge will not only remove the bad smell of them, but it will also make them work better.
It goes without saying that cleaning behind your freezer and fridge should be done often as well. It is a part of the kitchen that people usually do not think about but you will realize how dirty it can be when you move your appliances.


The same goes with your oven. You can easily find good oven cleaning products that will make miracles in your oven and clean it very well. You need to remember though that it is important to use rubber gloves when using the cleaning product and to open the windows to make sure that the kitchen is well ventilated. Doing so will help you remove bad smells in your oven but will also prevent used fat or crumbs left from a previous use to burn in your oven next time you use it.

Cleaning your oven is something important to do, and so is cleaning the hob. In this case, the best tip to give is to make sure that all surfaces are cool so you do not burn yourself or damage your hob. Most parts of the hob are actually safe to put in your dishwasher so if you have one, you can easily get your dishwasher to do the job for you.

Since grease splashes appear quickly on and around the hob, it is important to clean it often. The best thing to use to clean that and remove all the grease is to use a solution of sugar soap that you will easily find in DIY shop.


It is very important to clean your domestic appliances as often as possible. This will help you a lot to get your appliances working better and longer so you do not have to buy spares like Bosch spares, Hotpoint spares or White Knight spares once they break down.

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