Cleaning The Food Stains

There are some other food stains which can happen anytime during the dinner or lunch time. Start from the gravy stains to the salad dressing. There are some tips which you can use on how to clean these stains:

Egg, meat juice, and gravy stains should be rinsed with cold water before they are washed. Non-washables should be sponged with cold water. Later, when the material has dried completely, the stains should be sponged with cleaning fluid to remove oily traces.

White sauce and cream soup spots on washable materials can be treated with warm water and soap or detergent Sponge non-washables with warm water, let them dry, then sponge away oily traces with cleaning fluid.


Salad dressings. Use warm water and soap or detergent on stains made by salad dressings containing eggs or cream. Use hot water for French dressings. Sponge salad dressing stains on non-washable materials first with lukewarm water, then (when dry) with cleaning fluid. Instead of cleaning fluid, if desired, you can sprinkle the stains with an absorbent or an absorbent mixed to a paste with cleaning fluid. Let the absorbent stand for a while, then brush off the powder. You might have to repeat this treatment several times, but the method is very safe for all materials.

For mustard stains on washable fabrics apply glycerin and rub it in well. Then launder the garment sponge materials that will not wash with denatured alcohol, or diluted alcohol. If the stain is not entirely removed and a bleach is necessary, use a commercial dye stripper (two tablespoonfuls to a pint of water). Sponge the stain quickly and rinse thoroughly. Or use an oxalic acid solution made by dissolving three tablespoonfuls of crystals in a pint of water. Apply this solution with a medicine dropper and let it stand for several minutes, then rinse promptly with water. Apply a weak solution of ammonia, borax, or baking soda to counteract the acid, and rinse again.


Tomato juice and ketchup stains should be rinsed or sponged with cold water to remove the solid particles. Put glycerin into the stain, let it remain for half an hour, then wash with warm water and soap or detergent. Sponge any remaining traces with hydrogen peroxide or sodium perborate solution, then rinse or sponge them with cold water.

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