Cleaning Techniques For Makeup Stains On The Carpet

Cleaning Techniques For Makeup Stains On The Carpet –  Many women have their favorite makeup product that they can always use to either make themselves feel better or to stand out just a little bit more. There’s that special lipstick or a bit of mascara that is used on those special occasions. But what happens when, in the middle of using your secret weapon, it finds its way onto your carpet? Stay calm! There are cleaning techniques for makeup on your carpet.

For white or colorless creams such as body lotion, moisturizer, or face cream the first thing you want to do is remove as much of the product from your carpet as possible. Use a plastic spoon or some sort of utensil to gently scrape and lift the product from your carpet. The next thing you want to do is absorb what you can by blotting the area with a clean towel. Don’t rub it in. Just blot. The goal is to get as much out as possible. After this you need to get another clean towel and apply some mild rubbing alcohol onto it. Use this towel to carefully blot the area until it is clean. Once you’ve removed the product from the carpet make sure to give it a rinse. Either blot with another clean towel that has been soaked with water or pour a small amount of water over the area, blot with a dry towel.


This cleaning technique also works for tinted moisturizers, sun block, and liquid foundations. If you noticed, these additional items usually have a small amount of color added to them. To make sure to get this color out of your carpet you will need to mix in a spray bottle ¼ teaspoon of mild detergent and 1 quart of water. Apply the mixture to the area and blot it with a clean cloth. Again, rinse the area when you are finished cleaning and dry thoroughly.

The strategy for lipstick and rouge is the same as already described but in the reverse order. This time you would use the detergent and water mixture to blot the stain out. Rinse and then use the cloth with alcohol to blot some more. Again, make sure to rinse and dry completely.

Thick, dark, black fluids such as eyeliner, mascara, or liquid eyebrow applications tend to cling more to the carpet because they contain glue proteins, For this, use a concentrated dose of dishwashing soap. Apply a drop or two to the spot and let it work for a few minutes. Remove what you can with a clean towel and then proceed with the previously mentioned cleaning steps.


You may also use liquid laundry detergent to clean these areas. This product works well on eye shadow, blush and face powders. If you have a spot that is being difficult you can try some hydrogen peroxide. Apply some peroxide to a paper towel and lay it over the area. Put something weighty on top to apply constant pressure. Leave it for an hour or so. This should do the trick. If you happen to spill hair dye, call a professional carpet cleaner.


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