Cleaning Pet Hair From Your Home

Natural hair loss of your pet combined with hair loss due to ailments can pose a major problem for pet owners. Cleaning floors, carpets and furniture can become a more arduous task than it already is. Most pet owners have a lint brush at hand to remove pet hair from sofas, carpets and clothes, the truth is that for most breeds of cats and dogs, this device is simply not enough. Vacuum cleaners are the obvious choice for house cleaning, but many times it has been noticed that the cat and dog hair do not get completely removed by the machine. Keeping pet mess under control is easy, but it’s not that easy. Choose an animal that fits your free time. Some useful tips for cleaning pet hair can save you time and money.

– Brush your cat or dog. Even shorthaired pets need brushing. Ask your veterinarian what type of brush will suit your animal’s coat best. If you brush your animal, you control where the hair lands. Therefore, you make sure it lands right in the trash.

– Pets that are brushed frequently are easier to brush. Not only do they like it more, but you won’t have to deal with mats or tangles. You’ll prevent them.

– Brush your animal outside, if you can. If you can’t, try to do it on a hard floor. Post grooming clean up is easier on a hard surface than on a soft.

– You will need to clean up after you groom your animal. The goal is to control where the hair lands.


– Vacuum regularly. Just as importantly, check the filters and bags on your vacuum. If you don’t vacuum regularly, hair can clog the vacuum’s beater and wear down the motor. The healthier your vacuum is, the more hair that goes into it.

– Vacuum the furniture too. Dust critters love to hide in cracks between cushions.

– If at all possible, empty vacuum dust collectors and remove full bags outdoors.

– Clean hard wood floors too. Try a dust mop or one of the new sweeper products. They’re very effective at grabbing hair and lint.

– Empty the lint traps on your washer and dryer with every load. Empty lint traps capture more lint and animal hair than full ones.

– Invest in a pet-hair remover. One effective one is a roll of tape wound tacky side out. It comes on a roller, and the tape tears off. It can be used to roll over furniture and clothes. They’re inexpensive to stash one in each bath and bedroom, and also in cars and briefcases.

– Keep your animals off the furniture.

– A defensive technique of lowering the amount of animal hair in your home comprises of taking several preventive measures. For instance, it is a known fact that pets enjoy snuggling with clothing, especially when the clothes are soft, warm and freshly washed. Therefore, storing the clothes in an area inaccessible for the pet can help you minimize the problem. In addition, it is a good idea to keep the clothes you wear when you are walking or playing with the dog separated from the outfits you wear at work or on the streets, so that the fur does not get transferred over when they are all kept in the same closet.

– If you feel to mean chasing your darling off the couch, encourage him to nest in a specific place. To do so, reward them with treats, a good view, comfort, and lots of praise.

– Place washable items in your pets nesting areas. If necessary, cover them with old sheets or blankets. You’re more likely to clean the dog bed if it has a removable cover that doesn’t require fancy cleaning.

– Latex or rubber gloves and brooms are also efficient cleaning equipments worth mentioning. Even though any glove that includes a rubber palm will work fine, the full latex or rubber gloves are ideal for reaching under the sofa, kitchen cabinets, between upholstery and other confided spaces. Using rubber gloves is extremely simple as all you need to do is put them on and start wiping the area where you notice animal hair. The only thing that you need to remember is to pull off the hair attached on the glove after each swipe.

Listed one by one, these tips sounds like a lot. Most of them, however, just require small adjustments to your habits. If you don’t want to do it for yourself, do it for your cat or dog. They’ll like a clean, stylish home too.

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