Cleaning and Storing Garden Tools

Cleaning and Storing Garden Tools – Garden tools like any other tool should be cleaned after every use. Cleaning and properly storing your tools will add years of life to your investment and when you need them they will be ready for use.

The first step and most important when cleaning and storing garden tools is to wear eye protection, gloves and proper clothing. Read and follow the manufactures directions on the proper use and storage of the tools that you own and use.


Most all garden tools can be cleaned with a wire brush and a scraper like what is used to clean a grill. If you keep your tools cleaned regularly a grill brush works great. The best type of grill brush to use is one that the bristles on the brush are brass and the other end having a built in scraper. This makes it easy to work when you have both tools you need in one and brass won’t rust.

Having a good clean place to work on your tools like a sturdy workbench and a place where there is good lighting will make the job go allot easier. Scraping and wire brushing dirt and rust off your tools requires a comfortable place to work and lighting so you can properly inspect your tools thoroughly.


Once you have thoroughly cleaned your garden tools they need to be wiped off and dried with a clean rag. Once you finish wiping them off you should thoroughly inspect them for any excessive wear, defects and if they need any sharpening. After you have finished cleaning, sharpening, inspecting and do any necessary repairs to your tools apply a thin coat of linseed or vegetable oil with a rag to prevent rusting. All wooden handles should also be inspected for any defects and areas that are rough can be sanded smooth. After the sanding is complete treated the handles with a light coat of linseed oil to prevent the wood from drying out.


Winter is a good time to thoroughly clean, sharpen and repair your garden tools for the following season and be ready to start garden once spring comes around.


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