Clean Home With A Dog In It

Clean Home With A Dog In It – We love dogs. A messy house, however, is something we don’t love. And it seems like dogs go out of their way to get dirt, hair, stains, and odors, and all manner of nasty things everywhere.

Fortunately there are a few things you can do to ‘dog proof’ your home. You’ll learn about them below, along with some easy ways to clean up those unavoidable doggy messes.

Preventing dog hair

If your dog sheds, as most do, you’re probably familiar with how irritating dog hair can be. It gets all over the carpet, furniture, rugs, and pretty much everywhere else the dog goes.


You can drastically cut down on the amount of hair that is shed by grooming your dog often. Once a week, take your dog outside and give its fur a good combing with the type of brush recommended for its coat. Give him lots of praise and maybe a few treats so he’ll come to love his grooming time.

Be sure to groom him away from the house so that the hair isn’t blown back into the house.

Regular grooming will not only make your dog more attractive and happier from the extra attention, it will spare your sofa and carpet from all that extra fur.

Removing dog hair

Even if you regularly groom your dog, chances are some stray hairs will still end up where they aren’t wanted.

A damp cloth works wonders for removing hair from furniture and other surfaces. A lint roller is another fantastic tool for getting rid of hair. It will allow you to quickly roll up stray hairs. A lint roller is perfect for a quick furniture check before company arrives!

A powerful vacuum should have no problem pulling dog hair out of rugs and carpets.


Rugs and mats are your friends

Rubber-backed mats collect dirt and moisture and clean up easily. Use them outside and inside doors, under food dishes, and in sleeping areas. Even car mats will do.

Wipe off those paws

Train your dog to wait on the rug or mat until you wipe off his paws with a damp rag or towel. This will keep him from making mud tracks all over the house.

It might take a little extra time to get him trained, but you’ll spend much more time cleaning up after him if you don’t train him to wait.

Doggie dishes

Stainless steel feeding dishes are the best choice for your dog. They are heavy and hard to topple by your over-enthusiastic pet. Be sure to wash it regularly.


Dog allergies

If you or a family member is allergic to dogs there are a few things you can do to make life easier.

Restrict your dog to certain rooms of your home to create allergy-free areas. Bedrooms, especially, should be a no dog zone.

Use an air purification device to reduce allergens. These are also great at reducing odors in your home. Keep your home well ventilated as well.

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