Choose The Color For The Living Space

Choose The Color For The Living Space – The best way to come up with a design is to have a color scheme suited for the environment you want to have. Colors contribute a lot on how your design will turn out. That is why it is best to give this a thought before sketching. There are various ways to choose colors for a particular space. Here are some of them:

1. Pick a theme

A theme will help you come up with a color scheme. It will also help you pick out the decorations you will need for the room.

For example, if you want to bring nature in, you can use shades of green for the room. You can also have a leaf wall art for your decoration. You can pick out other color from the nature like browns, greens and blues.


There are other themes to pick from. You can have the beach, the desert, or even romantic colors. It is easier to have a theme because the colors are presented to you openly. All you need is to incorporate it in the room.

2. Base it from the color wheel

The color wheel will help you a lot. It will aid your choices if you cannot come up with a theme or if you do not want to have a theme at all. It will show you what shades look good together. With it, you can also pick the best contrasting or complimentary color for the shade you have.


If you want your pink (orange or red) sofa to stand out, refer to your color wheel and look for its contrast. If you want it to look toned down a bit, choose a lighter shade for its background.

3. You can get inspiration from other objects

Another great way of picking color is picking from some of your things. You can use the color scheme of your wall art or oriental rug. Pick out the least dominant color and use it on the wall or floor. Pick out other tones for accessories and furniture. Since the item is already in the room, it will be a piece that will tie everything together.

You can love your space by choosing the right color to put in there. You can get this from various inspirations. It can be your favorite retreat, a vineyard, or your dream destination. You can never go wrong with a scheme that already exists. The only decision you have to make is which you would prefer.






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