Chemicals In Household Products

Chemicals in household products – We use a wide variety of household products in our home every day. But it is important to understand exactly what we purchase and, as much as possible, what they contain and what their impact can be on us. Many chemicals found in household products can have a negative effect on our health and our loved ones.

Candles and air fresheners. Candles, air fresheners, sprays and gels used to deodorize unfortunately contain many toxins that pollute the air around us. By breathing this “fresh” air, we are exposing ourselves to chemicals in household products, all responsible for allergies, asthma, hormone disruption and even cancer. Air fresheners that come in the form of gel are also lethal if ingested by pets of your children.


Clothing. You have to realize that the few minutes saved by not ironing your clothes are translated in years loss later. Companies that make wrinkle free clothing often use formaldehyde in the material, a well know cancer causing agent!

Bottled water is an aberration! Not only all those bottles thrown away in our land field an oceans is a dramatic source of pollution and a real threat for the environment, the plastic itself also cause health problems: it seeps out chemicals known as hormone disruptors into the water it contains. There are many alternatives to bottled water such as water filters, and the use of stainless steel or glass bottles for outdoor activities and travel.


Household cleaners. If we look more specifically at our household cleaners, the dangers are real. Manufacturers are not required to list the ingredients on the bottles. So many of them add toxic chemicals to their household cleaners in order to make them more effective, but also to save money. The search for natural, non toxic and effective alternatives to use in their cleaners would increase the production costs and therefore reduce their margin of profits in order to stay competitive.

Too many of our household cleaners contain hormone disruptors and carcinogen agents. Some also contribute to asthma and allergies. It is our responsibility to protect our children, pets, ourselves and the environment from preventable problems.

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