Buy The Best Bathroom Cladding Products

When you don’t have the time or money to invest in a complete bathroom renovation, cladding can provide a great alternative to conventional tiles. Affordable to buy and easy to install, bathroom cladding can provide the stylish yet functional solution you are looking for when you want to transform your smallest space. There are a wide variety of bathroom cladding products on the market, but for the very best, there is only one place to shop. This particular retailer are specialist stockists of a range of bathroom cladding products to suit every budget and requirement, so make them your first choice when you are looking to invest in cladding.

Requiring half the installation time of tiling, bathroom cladding can be fitted as a quick DIY job. It also requires no grout and little preparation, which means it can be installed directly onto your wall surface with the minimum of fuss. Investing in the very best brands of cladding can give you a durable surface which will withstand the heavy use that a family bathroom undergoes, and can allow you to enjoy a stylish space for many years to come.

bathroom tidy

This established supplier of bathroom materials stock bathroom cladding from three of the top manufacturers: Dumaplast, Plastivan, and Swish Marbrex, and these products are available in a range of styles and finishes to match every interior. Whether your bathroom is a cool and contemporary room with the style of a boutique hotel, or features traditional design touches for a classic finish, there will be a cladding product to complement your room. From mosaic to marble and everything in between, these bathroom specialists can supply the ideal cladding for your home.

Plastivan cladding


The best bathroom cladding products are those which are proven to be 100% waterproof, and which can actively help to reduce condensation. This means that moisture from your bath and shower will never cause your cladding to shrink or move. This retailer can even provide bathroom cladding with a mirrored insert to offer a complete finishing touch to your redecoration.

Marbrex ceiling cladding

Marbrex ceiling cladding

When you are looking for a simple yet effective way to update your bathroom, look no further from the range of high-quality bathroom cladding offered by this expert team. Visit their showroom today or take a look at their online shop to gain some design inspiration.


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