Borax Household Uses

Did you know that Borax has many other household uses? If you pick up a box of Borax you can test it on your laundry and try one of these 10 handy household tips.

Borax is a great tool for cleaning around the home. If you want to restore the beautiful shine your china had when it was new you can wash it in a sink of water with a half a cup of Borax dissolved in it. Wash as usual and dry to a brilliant shine. To cut down on water spots in the dishwasher just add a tablespoon of Borax to your detergent cup. Mix some Borax with water to clean your aluminum pots and pans.

If you’re looking for a way to keep your carpets clean and smelling fresh Borax can do the job. Borax can remove stains from carpet if you mix it into a paste and rub into the stain. Let the paste dry and vacuum it away. If you have a liquid stain on the floor you can mix a half a cup of borax into a cup and a half of water and pour onto the stain. Blot up the liquid and repeat until the stain is gone. To make the carpet smell fresh spray it with a fine mist of water and sprinkle on Borax. When it is dry simply vacuum it up.


If you have a roach problem then Borax can help you get control of it. All you have to do is mix a spoon of Borax with a little bit of powdered sugar and leave a small pile of it anywhere you see roaches. The roaches will eat the Borax and that will cause them to die from the gas that is created inside them. This method will also work with ants.

Borax can help to kill fleas in your home. Just sprinkle Borax on your carpet and let it set for an hour or more then vacuum it away.

Borax is a safe drain opener and a great alternative to those expensive store-bought drain cleaners. Just mix a cup of Borax with some boiling water and empty it down the drain. Any grease stuck in your drain that is causing the clog will melt away.

To control the odor of your cat’s litter box try mixing Borax in with the cat litter.


Borax can remove the smell of urine from furniture and mattresses. Just wet the areas of the mattress or furniture that are affected and shake on some Borax. Wait for the whole thing to dry completely and then vacuum it away.

Sprinkle some Borax into the bottoms of your garbage pails to keep them smelling fresh.

If you have hard water add a bit of Borax to your bath to soften it. Hard water makes soaps and shampoos less effective.

To make your toilet bowl clean and fresh shake a half a cup of Borax into the toilet and let it sit for an hour or so. Scrub the bowl with a toilet brush and it will be sparkling and odor free.

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