Bathroom organization essentials

Whether your bathroom is spacious or quite small or even tiny, it’s still one of the most essential rooms in your house. Therefore, the organization of your bathroom is a key to creating the space pleasant and functional. There are certain steps that you can follow in order to make the most out of your bathroom space.

Step Nr.1 – get rid of all unnecessary things from your bathroom

All empty cosmetics and medicine bottles, jars and tubes are sentenced to be thrown away. They only take space and keep the dust. All expired products should be removed as well. There`s no need to play with your health.

Step Nr.2 – divide your bathroom into zones according to their functional purposes

Bathroom accessoriesThink of the location of a shower/bath zone, bathroom vanity and mirror zone and toilet zone. Some extra space is left? – Great news! Place a linen and/or a medicine cabinet. Plus, think over the small storage places and bathroom accessories such as shelves, baskets, towel bars and robe hooks.


Step Nr.3 – organize each bathroom zone

Each zone should be furnished appropriately, while quantity of bathroom accessories and storage places should be kept in balance. Focus on the functionality of your bathroom furniture. Does it help to make your bath procedures easier and more pleasant or vice versa?
Bathroom vanity is rightfully considered to be the most utilizable zone: think of all the procedures you undertake next to your bathroom vanity during the day. That’s why it’s very important to think in advance how you will share this space with your family members. Double sink bathroom vanity could be the perfect way out. Even if there are only two of you, such bathroom furniture solves an issue with sharing space and allows to save a good deal of time, which is worth gold, especially in the mornings.

Double bathroom vanity

And finally, remember that functionality and decor should go hand in hand in the matter of bathroom organization. After all, it`s not the closet you plan to arrange!

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