Bathroom Cleaning: How To Stop Bathroom Mold?

Bathrooms and kitchens can be real sore spots as far as mold goes. That is because of the fact that these rooms have water supplies and any water supply can leak. Water leaks are all about bathroom mold; they draw mold development like mad. If you have water problems causing mold anywhere, you must realize that any cleanup you do with the mold will be temporary if you do not address the cause – the water leak.

If what you’re really all about is getting bathroom mold corrections and cures, the rest of this article will help you out. But remember, the water problems must be found and corrected before any mold cleanup can be effective and permanent. Now let’s talk all about how to eliminate bathroom mold. Bathroom mold can be stubborn. It seems to be a specific type of mold that can be very resistant. But fear not, we can beat this devil at his own game. You might say we’re all very serious about beating bathroom mold.


There has been much written in the newspapers recently about the respiratory health problems that are often associated with mold. Since our bathrooms are often the dampest rooms in the house (even without water problems), they become a virtual breeding ground for dangerous molds and mildew. The perfect place for mold to start is between bathroom tiles, in the grout lines. Grout lines are all about being perfect breeding grounds for bathroom mold.

Maybe you’ve got one of Grannie’s old “down home” recipes for an all natural cleaner that will smash mold to pieces. You need only one ingredient to make up this magic potion and you’ve probably already got a bottle of it in your bathroom medicine cabinet.


1/2 cup 3-percent hydrogen peroxide solution (from your local pharmacy)
1 cup water

1. Mix the hydrogen peroxide and water in a plastic spray bottle. Spray this on the moldy areas and do not rinse.

2. Let stand for an hour and then scrub vigorously. Repeat if necessary. Note: Hydrogen peroxide will lose its mold-busting power if exposed to air, so only make as much solution as you will be using at one time.

bathroom bathroom-cleaning

To further reduce mold in your bathroom, try these 3 easy steps:

1. Install an exhaust fan to remove mildew and mold-causing humidity from your bathroom. Be sure the fan has enough air movement to remove the moisture, and be sure to exhaust the fan all the way up through the roof or out the wall to the outside.

2. Mold dislikes light, so consider leaving a light on in areas that are prone to mold.

3. Change bathroom towels and rugs frequently to avoid moisture build-up.

4. Keep airflow constant. The combination of hot showers in small spaces creates an ideal environment for the growth of mold & mildew. Consider installing an exhaust fan or ceiling fan to improve ventilation in your bathroom. They can increase airflow and significantly slow the growth of mold & mildew. What if installing a fan isn’t in your budget? Leaving your bathroom window slightly open when you shower can also help airflow.

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