Arranging Flowers In A Vase – Helpful Tips

Did you just buy a bunch of flowers at the local florist because they were simply stunning? Whatever the occasion, you want to make sure your flowers remain at their best. You can make the most of them when arranging flowers in a vase for your home, office or in fact, anywhere! Here are some guidelines that can help you achieve the right look and balance when arranging flowers in a vase.

First and foremost, when you’re arranging flowers in a vase trust your instincts. If something looks too big or if colors clash, chances are you’re arrangement doesn’t look right. Secondly, you should use a clean vase and have a big, clean work space.


Your vase is your main tool so don’t over fill it or cram flowers into a vase that’s too small. On a visual scale, don’t have the flowers sitting more than double the vase height, for example if the vase is 20cm high, the flowers should be no longer than 40 cm high. There of course are always exceptions to this rule, so use this more as a useful guideline when arranging flowers.


To prepare the flowers, cut the stems at an angle using sharp scissors. This allows water to move up the stem, even when the bottom of the stem is sitting at the base of the vase. Remember that you should never break the stem by hand or flatten the stems. This will inhibit water transfer. You should also strip away any leaves that will be below the water line. Leaves that sit in water will quickly decompose and encourage bacterial growth. The bacteria create a particularly unpleasant odor and decreases the life time of your cut flowers.

flowers-vase3 flowers-vase4

Now you’re up to arranging your flowers. Place the foliage in the vase first and thread the flowers through the foliage. This will allow you to arrange the flowers in the vase the way you want. Cluster small flowers in groups. This will help you in arranging or moving them around. It will also ensure they aren’t ‘lost’ in the shadow of larger blooms. Tepid rather than ice cold water will assist the flower to draw the water into the stem and use flower food to prolong the life of your flowers.


Don’t be too concerned about co lour matching. Use the colors you like or look best in your home. You might find it easier if you have either colors work in harmony such as pinks and mauves or use unrelated colors that are complimentary such as yellows and purples.

To ensure your arrangement lasts a long time keep the vase clean. Remove the flowers from the vase when the water gets cloudy or every three days. Take the flowers out and cut 3 to 4cm from the bottom, clean the vase and arrange the flowers again. Refill the vase with tepid water and flower food again. To keep them fresh also place them in a cool area away from direct sunlight, draughts, heaters and appliances such as the TV or oven.


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